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Every day, our content specialists strive to maintain you up-to-date on innovations, and best practices for software testing. We also understand that to truly be the ultimate resource, we require many inputs. That is why we appreciate content contributors!

Hearing from QA community members enables us to share new perspectives, ideas, and experiences from industry professionals outside of our team in their own words.

Topic Of Interests

Professionals who are skilled at software testing and quality assurance make up the majority of our audience. We encourage guest blogs that offer new viewpoints or information on software testing and quality assurance.

We are looking for contributions on the following themes right now:

  1. Article/Blogs
  2. Podcast
  3. Webinar
  4. Template

Content Guidelines

If you have any existing content you’d like to share with our community, please fill out the form on this page.

We strongly advise you to contact our team with your concept before developing new content for submission. We will gladly share our feedback and answer any queries you may have. Send us an email with your resource idea or suggestion at

Here are some guidelines to help you plan your content submission.


Unique Content

We are looking for unique content for the blog that has not been published elsewhere. If you have additional content that would make an excellent blog, please modify it to distinguish it from content published elsewhere.
The content should be plagiarism free (make sure to check plagiarism before submitting your content)


  1. Maintain proper English grammar and spelling
  2. Be readable – Read the work aloud to ensure that it flows effectively, or have a friend read it to you
  3. Be understandable – Can someone inexperienced with the topic understand the writing? Request feedback from a friend who is not in your field
  4. To break up the content, use bullet points and subheadings
  5. Include images (make sure you have permission to use the images)
  6. Shorter sentences and paragraphs are simpler to read on a screen
  7. Use the active voice

Word Count

Our preferred blog length is a minimum of 1000 words.

Additional Resources

Are there any educational resources that we should include? They could be instructions, overviews, or examples of how you’ve used a certain method. You can send an email with a resource recommendation.
Note: Promotional links are not allowed


Our QA community podcast is based on educational purposes. We appreciate originality when it comes to sharing an approach or best practice! Contact us with your idea to be a featured guest on the program.

  1. Podcast episodes are usually 15-45 minutes long.
  2. An overview of topics/speaking points guides the episodes; there is no formal presentation.
  3. The podcast should be educational and helpful for the QA community
  4. The podcast is available in both audio and video format
  5. Promotional content are not allowed

Templates or Sample Document:

Samples and documents shared by the community include some of our most prominent resources. We appreciate sharing sample checklists, and templates.

We don’t publish plagiarized content, your template should be unique and this includes removing your company’s name and all references to it. We’ll handle this for you; all you have to do is upload your documents. Our review panel will verify the document and your work will get to publish in seven working days.


We offer educational webinars on a range of topics on a regular basis. Our members appreciate hearing the “how-to” and best practices for software testing, as well as practical guidance on navigating the current trends.

We appreciate good brainstorming, so please give us your webinar idea. Look through our most recent webinars to see what’s been in our thoughts.

  1. Topics should be educational, make sure the topic should be in trend in the field of software testing.
  2. The minimum length of the webinar should be 20 minutes
  3. No promotional content should be included in the webinar
  4. You can use your brand/company logo in the webinar
  5. We appreciate/accept high-quality video and audio
  6. The video should be in landscape format
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