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Get That QA Job With This Easy Tool (We Were Surprised Too!)

April 7, 2022
Get That QA Job You Want With QA Touch

The title may seem click-baity but we were as surprised to know about this as well!

You see, back when we created QA Touch, the intention was for it to be a tool that frees up time for Testing professionals to focus on the part of the work they enjoy. That’s what a good  end-to-end test case management tool does after all.

We have this aim, and now people from over 100 countries who are using QA Touch. We want to ensure that each person using the tool is happy using it, so it is natural for us to keep an eye out for all feedback we get regarding how people use it and how we can keep improving the tool further.

The story of Anna, her QA Job Hunt & QA Touch

A short while back, we received word that a user had unsubscribed to our startup plan and had downgraded to our free plan. We expected constructive feedback, so what we saw came as a very interesting surprise.

You see, Anna – the very resourceful user in question – was applying for jobs within the sector and wanted to improve her skills prior to going through with her applications. She opted for QA Touch, learned about the technical aspects of testing and test management for a month, up-skilled and secured the job she was seeking. She opted for the free plan thereafter.
QA Touch

Here’s her feedback in her own words:

QA Job using QA Touch feedback

Anna is an example of what you can do with end to end test management activities in QA Touch: activities such as the creation of the test cases with 4 different templates, test plans, building Requirements Traceability Matrix (RTM), issues management, test coverage reports. The tool not only helps test management activities, but can generate powerful test runs summary graphical reports, case traceability summaries, requirements traceability summaries, project statuses and more.

Clearly, Anna is set for great things in her career and we wish her the very best.

If you asked us a few months back, we could give you a list of use cases for QA Touch as a tool, but this might not have been one of them. It helped us realize how we could help those unbounded professionals out there looking to switch to a career in testing. There are also those who seek to make a comeback into this role (and the flourishing community that comes with it).

And we want to be able to support these professionals just as well as we are able to help the seasoned ones that make the most of the QA Touch tool.

Access QA Touch plan Anna used to secure her job right here, and begin using the test management tool in less than 8 minutes. 

This is one story coming from the amazing QA Community. We’d love to hear some of yours as you navigate the challenging, dynamic yet rewarding world of testing and quality assurance.

But that’s not all from us. Seeking your dream job isn’t always easy, so we thought we’d share some tips to help you prepare to get there.

5 Tips To Help Secure Your Dream QA Job

Use these tips to improve your chances of securing your job at the interview stage:

Research the organization

Learn more about the organization, its work and employee reviews. This will also help you determine what they are looking for and you can fill that requirement. A good place to start would be the job description.

Go through the organization’s culture

Remember that the interview is not just for them to understand you, but is a great means of determining if the organization is a good fit for you and your goals. Knowing about the organization’s culture is a good means of finding this out.

Set the right first impression

The first impression isn’t the only one – but it does leave, well, an impression on how the interviewers see you. Being well dressed and groomed aside, how you conduct yourself during the interaction also matters. Punctuality, tidiness and a winner’s attitude will take you places.

Share more about your experience

All experience is experience worth learning from. It’s good to mention where you have gotten things right, but you can also mention failures and misses: along with what exactly you learned from it, and what measures you have taken to prevent similar issues from arriving since. Making a mistake isn’t a bad thing, it’s making the same ones that are the problem.

Avoid answering with Yes or No with a shake or nod of your head

The devil may be in the details, but so are some of the best opportunities. Offer relevant details to questions that your interviewer is seeking, whether your answer is a yes or no. Do be careful to not stray away though.

Stay in touch with the QA Community

One of the best parts about being a QA professional – even an aspiring one – is the fact that there is a thriving community online, full of events, knowledge sharing and thoughts exchanges that are nearly always taking place. You can subscribe to our own community be joining our mailing list or simply follow us on LinkedIn to know what’s up and happening in the industry.

Wrapping Up (with a Bow)

Anna’s story isn’t an isolated one. Students from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT University) are using QA Touch to learn about software testing concepts for the last 3 years. Learn more about their story from here.

As a team, we are always striving for the customer to best with the community events and the product features to QA Touch Community.

“Don’t be afraid of competition, It is a remedy to overconfidence.”  

Jiten Bhatt

And what better competition for you today, than yourself from yesterday? 

Happy Testing and QA job securing!

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