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JIRA – QA Touch Integration

November 27, 2017
Jira QAtouch Integration

Drums roll !!!
We are excited to announce the first of many Integrations with QA Touch. Jira software now is integrated with QA Touch.

In our product vision we believed that to streamline the entire Software quality assurance process, we would need to integrate with various tools that are used across every department in the organization. To ensure this we are planning to integrate a complete array of tools with QA Touch.

Jira QA Touch Integration

This integration helps users to create issues in Jira directly from QA Touch while executing the test cases.

Apart from that JIRA integration in QA Touch enables the following features.

  • Create a project in QA Touch and link with the JIRA project in the same space by providing API details.
  • We can also the Jira project with QA Touch project just before beginning test run.
  • When test case fails, users can create issues in JIRA directly or fetch JIRA keys to assign the failed test case.
  • Users can also set priority, while setting and assigning issues to an user.
  • When there is status change in JIRA Issues created from QA Touch the new status will automatically get updated in QA Touch.
  • Re-run the failed or specific test case is quite easy now. Just click the rerun link.
  • Also, users will now have the option to select the test scenarios based on status when creating rerun.

Jira QA Touch2

Jira QA Touch

Integration with Jira software helps the QA Team to collaborate well internally with development and infrastructure teams to ensure maximum efficiency.

Are you looking out for a Test Management tool for streamlining your quality assurance process. Take QA Touch for a spin, its free!!!

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