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About EnglishHelper

EnglishHelper is an established education technology company with a unique IP. The company is so dedicated to making an irrefutable difference in education for millions across the globe.

Moving towards that goal, EnglishHelper has launched an initiative called ‘RightToRead’ and, so, they deployed ReadToMe. It’s a reading and comprehension tool that serves its sole purpose of RightToRead across thousands of public schools with 2.5 million students alone in India.

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Choosing a Right Tool

Despite being such a passionate and successful company, EnglishHelper did have some problems with their Test Management, and more precisely, they needed a rescue. Like every other organization, English Helper went with the orthodox way of Test Management, the heavy-handed MS excel. And when the results started to wobble, EnglishHelper called on for an immediate rescue to redeem its QA efficiency.

Well, the challenges were alarming, though:

  • Difficult to Collaborate when the team size increased and the products
  • No scalability.
  • No reusability.
  • No central place to look at all testing activities of all the products.
  • Not able to set up the roles and permissions extensively.
  • Issue tracking in excel sheets and handling was challenging as the products grew.
  • Lack of graphical insights and metrics in spreadsheets.
Well the challenges were alarming though

Scaling Test Management & Issue Tracking for Building Products

Meet Sarita Morey; she is a QA Lead at EnglishHelper. In fact, the prime person who called it quits on MS excel and better sought a tool. In that process, she came to know about QA Touch; soon, she felt convinced, confident, and wanted to give it a try.

On learning about its irresistible features, Sarita Morey chose QA Touch with all aplomb. Features like stepwise execution, ability to set up better security roles and permissions, in-app bug reporting, easy to use interface, tracking of releases, and timely reports.

By implementing QA Touch, she could well onboard her team faster and manage her test management and issue tracking activities in a centralized place. The existing test assets, which were maintained in excel sheets earlier, are imported to QA Touch. Similarly, she was able to import the current issues too. The import process was hassle-free since the tool supports the import of excel sheets.

Once the data is imported, the team can start leveraging the product for its test management activities. Sarita can track the test cases’ stepwise execution and each release’s progress with the graphical chart view. It is handy for the team when the test case is failed; they will create an issue without leaving QA Touch. So, they can track the test cases, execution of test cases, and history of execution and the problems in a single place.

Benefits of Choosing QA Touch

We have 3000+ growing test cases and managed 18+ releases that managed our tests using QA Touch. Also, I can save time 15 minutes for preparing the report per test execution.

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“QA Touch helps us a lot in managing our QA process. Importing test cases is very easy in QA Touch. This feature allows us to import the test cases in excel format. As QA touch has an inbuilt issue tracking module, it helps to write test cases and tracking the issues in the same tool. The graphical chart shows how many percent of test cases passed, retest, failed, etc., in that particular project. As we are actively using QA Touch in each release cycle, based on that we will see more advantages. “

Sarita MoreySr. Product Development Engineer

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