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About the client LexisNexis South Africa

In a continually changing legal, political, and business environment, you need an authentic source for availing quality information. LexisNexis South Africa has been working to keep several organizations up to date with their cutting-edge technology and innovative tools.

Notably, they are a leading provider of legal content and technology solutions with a rampant business worldwide. It is also a part of RELX, a prominent publisher and information provider that serves customers in 175+ countries with 30,000+ employees.

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Rough challenges led to fruitful changes.

For the record, LexisNexis South Africa does massive testing like regularly, which means constant tearing rush and jumbling of work. And for them finding the right tool was anyways a bit of a challenge. Particularly their hard time with other open-source test management tools was an eye-opener, though.

Not so long after that, they decided to make a stiff move towards fulfilling their test management needs. All they needed was a hustle free online tool that pretty much does everything they wanted. Like, better integrations, easy-going maintenance, one-click sharing, and trouble-free management. 

And a few more critical challenges were:

  • Installation, hosting, and maintenance was a hugely time-consuming process. It was in on-premises.
  • Usability was not apparent, like which buttons navigate to do what activities were unclear.
  • There was no option to share the link to a teammate, but just give the project name, and the test case number wasn’t enough.
  • Integration with Jira was available with limited functionality.
  • No option to create/maintain BDD tests.
  • Not able to schedule the reports.
  • There was no integration between tools, which made traceability extremely difficult.
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Starting QA Touch from square one didn’t seem like a big task this time around for LexisNexis. The reason being that their migration to QA Touch was quick and revamped, just like how they wanted. And the fulfillment of their Test Management needs was, in a way, the dawn of all their problems. Well, in due course of time, the results were visible and also yielded some epic business benefits for LexisNexis.

Here they go.

  • QA Touch is an online test management tool. No need to maintain separate infrastructure for that.
  • With an intuitive interface, the team onboarded easily.
  • The test cases’ sharing is a breeze by a single click via a link or email.
  • Integration with Jira cloud:
    • Mapping the Jira requirements and Test cases is simple.
    • The Jira Requirements traceability matrix is automatically built.
    • It has multiple options to post Jira issues directly from QA Touch with the test runs or without a test run.
    • Most importantly, you can generate a Jira summary report, which shows the complete traceability.
  • BDD tests can be written and maintained from QA Touch easily. There is no need to type the Gherkin keywords; you can simply select the keywords. So the customer can save time by giving the scenario and primary details. With the QA Touch API, the test results can be synchronized with the QA Touch product.
  • Instead of generating the report every time, the client can schedule the reports, and it will automatically email to the stakeholders.
  • QA Touch allows the integration between tools, and the improvement in traceability will have a lasting impact on how we test all our projects.
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“We have 8500+ growing test cases and managed 100+ releases that managed our tests using QA Touch. Also, I can save time ~30 minutes for preparing the report per test execution.

QA Touch has assisted us in making significant changes to our testing process. Allowing us to capture BDD Test cases will cut out a step between manual and automation testing. We are still migrating our test cases to QA Touch, but the application has added integration between tools and improved our traceability. As we increase the use of features, we will see more benefits over time.“

-QA touch client

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