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About Vuclip

Vuclip is a PCCW Media company headquartered in San Jose, California, United States. It is one of the video streaming pioneers with global footprints across 22+ countries. Vuclip is a widely-trusted video-on-demand service provider since 2008. And they recently launched a new innovative Video on Demand Platform called Viu. It is a premium OTT arena offering high-quality, localized, and popular video content in multiple languages. Apparently, they are actively operating in emerging markets like Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Thailand, the Philippines, and the Middle East (GCC, Egypt, Jordan).

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Keshav Potdar is QA Manager at Vuclip. His ultimate goal is to deliver a high-quality product to their customers. But to hit the bull’s eye, Keshave needed more than just a Test Management tool. Means finer integrations, heavy load, easy maintenance, and something that can take the load off the feet. Being an organization with a scaling team of 100+ members, it was, in fact, a tough run for Vuclip to handle Test Management in excel sheets. So, Keshav didn’t turn his blind eye to the towering greatness of quality and quickly reached out to QA Touch.

Their worrisome challenges with Excel sheets were:

  • Sheets get lost and are not scalable.
  • No reusability.
  • No central place to look at all testing activities.
  • Reporting is a pain with spreadsheets.
  • Spreadsheets provide no metrics and insights.
  • On top of these difficulties, Keshav wasn’t pleased to find out that the tools he was using were not entirely helpful to him and his team.
  • Like, no adequate integrations with other tools.
worrisome challenges


When Keshav finally migrated to QA Touch, he was happy about the better Jira cloud integration, in-app bug reporting, easy to use interface, and quick tracking of releases and the reports. Additionally, the QA Touch’s ever-improving features and expanding integrations kept joining his relife party ever since his shift. All through the way

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“Our QA, developers, and project managers could be easily onboarded without much effort. QA Touch also is able to provide us with actionable metrics that help to improve our overall testing strategy. We have 11000+ growing test cases and managed 75+ releases that managed our tests using QA Touch. Also, Keshav is able to save 1 hour for preparing the report per cycle.”

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