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Here’s to another avenged year of Happy Testers

August 27, 2020
Happy 75th Tester Day

ஊறொரால் உற்றபின் ஒல்காமை இவ்விரண்டின்

ஆறென்பர் ஆய்ந்தவர் கோள்  – குறள் 662


Thirukkural is written by a renowned great Tamil poet Thiruvalluvar.


Not to perform a ruinous act, and not to be discouraged by the ruinous termination of an act, are the two maxims which, the wise say, from the principles of those who have investigated the subject.

QA Touch congratulates and wishes all testers Happy Tester’s day in advance! 

Do you know? It’s been 75 years since the first bug was found in the world. This year’s testers day is an extra special one for every tester. So, it is time to celebrate and motivate testers for their contribution to the world.

Happy 75 years of Bug
QA Touch
QA Touch is built by testers for testers and always wanted to contribute back to the testing community. We proudly celebrate testers and thought leaders in the testing team of our QA Touch community. One of the QA thought leader Magda Harmse, SASTQB National Tester award winner rightly said about this in our thought leadership interview as below:

“QA’s are undervalued. Attend conferences and grow your network. Keep up the hard work in the QA space and keep the passion. “

As a passionate tester, I have a piece of great news for you on behalf of the QA Touch community, we are conducting a fun-filled contest. You can register here and celebrate this tester’s day with us.


That’s all folks! So what are you waiting for? Go get started today.

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