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10 Handy Tips to Get your First 10 Customers for your New SaaS Product

September 8, 2020
10 Tips to Get First 10 Customers for your new SaSS Product

“Sometimes when you innovate, you make mistakes. It is best to admit them quickly, and get on with improving your other innovations.”
― Steve Jobs

It is unquestionably true that a customer is a pleasing comfort in success and a punching discomfort in business uncertainty. Well, we bet, and you couldn’t agree more. That impatient, uncompassionate, needful customer is always a rough go for gold. But, if you don’t have that customer for your product, you won’t have a successful business. If you are a new company owner that slips and slides, you are in the right place. Here is how you can head start your innovation with the right customers to a very respectful journey of more and more disruptive tech. Below are a few tips on getting your first 10 customers for your new SaaS product. Take a look.

10 Tips To Get First 10 Customers For Your New Product

Let’s jump right into the details and learn more.

Launch your website

You have to launch your website even before the product is ready. You can easily purchase a domain for your work on the internet these days. At this stage, there is no need for you to have a fancy website. All you need to do is add a single landing page with an attractive image and count “Coming Soon!”. It immensely helps you build an online presence, making the people curious to know about your product.

Launch your website

Create High-Quality Content

Bill Gates once rightly said, and we quote, “The Content is King.” With no surprise, he was right. The internet today is all about the content and its marketing. So, you must build high-quality content relevant to your audience and give away for free.
QA Touch
When writing the content, you have to ensure that you are writing about the business/technical pain points and the latest trending technologies and tools. It magically makes your audiences come back for more and eventually boots your website with massive visits.

Create high quality content

Rollout Your Product Early

Roll out your product early and do not wait for perfection. You have to launch the product faster, then only you will be able to get the early adopters of the product and their feedback, and the market risks.

This way, you can identify if the product is getting traction, and you can reach the right audience for the product.

Later on, with the help of the customer feedback, work on the improvements and their thorough implementation. Based on this information, we can iterate and improve the product faster.

Rollout your product early

Offer a Free plan for Your Product

Many successful SaaS businesses follow this “freemium” approach to attract more customers. The audience can try the product without any risk or any prior commitment. This gives them the freedom to explore the product and then go for your product’s paid options.

In the meantime, this instills brand trust and entails a healthy relationship between the brand and the customer. It helps to accelerate product growth organically. There are many excellent real-time examples. A few of them are Slack, Canva, Dropbox, and QA Touch.

Offer a free plan for your product

Work Closely with Your Early Adopters and Get Feedback

A successful strategy to get client feedback is to provide an option to add feedback in the product/service itself. It can be a simple form with a few options to enter their questions/feedback and submit them. At the same time, an email should be triggered to all stakeholders. A few other modes of collecting the feedback are calls, surveys, social media, community, etc.

This way, you can handcraft your product’s early adopters’ journey from onboarding to set up the workflow and get them involved.

Work closely with your early adopters & Get Feedbacks

Reward Your Early Adopters

When you are working with the early adopters of your product, you will get the feedback, and you will get a chance to understand their pain points.

The client’s feedback is pure gold. And here is what Richard Branson has to say.

“We know that the best way to drive positive change is to learn from our mistakes and hear what our customers have to say. Our companies thrive off customer feedback. It helps us to innovate and disrupt, and keeps us relevant.” – Richard Branson, Founder, Virgin Group of companies.

So, motivate your customers as much as possible to participate in the feedback/suggestions to improve your product. But there is one thing you cannot take all the client feedback and implement them as you grow big. In that case, acknowledge the feedback, tell them you will update them, and at last, a small thank you note would work.

Reward early adopters

Get Referrals from Your Early Customers

When you make your early adopters happy with handcrafted products, they will become brand ambassadors for your product. Even in this technological era, word of mouth is more powerful than any other medium and reaches a broader audience organically without any cost.

Get referrals from your early customers

Analyze Your Product Metrics

You have started getting traction for your product. The product metrics include how many people signed up into the product and how much data they have put into the product. Keep an eye on what features the customers are using and what they are not using. Make a habit of analyzing your product metrics daily.

Monitor the product metrics, and going through it helps to plan the next upcoming product features. When we take this approach to make the decision, it will make us less vulnerable to risky choices. For example, suppose you want to implement a new feature. In that case, we have to analyze how many customers requesting that feature and using that particular module and how much data is put into the system. Based on this data, we have to prioritize that and make the decision.

Analyze your product metrics

Write Guest Blogs

Contribute the blogs/articles in the popular communities relevant to your product’s business. For example, if you are selling a testing product, you can write about an automation tool, update or share tips on solving real-time problems. In other simple words, write blogs that make intricate work easy, solve problems, and help the testers grow.

Write Guest Blogs

Speak at the Events

It might look like an outdated tip. Still, it is a great way to make your product popular to get a wider audience from the various parts of the world. An event can be of any type start with meetup, webinars, podcasts, and conferences. The quarantine is no big hurdle; you can search for many speaking opportunities online at any time.

Speak at events

We hope these tips help you to get your first 10 customers for your new SaaS product.


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