Fast track your Project Management with our Monday integration like a pro

Help your team get more business by accelerating your Project Management, team coordination, and Testing. With our integration on QA Touch, you can track end-to-end activities and the progress of your projects with a lot of ease. Acquire the integration today, integrate and start getting productive at your Testing from the word go. Read the below details for more insights.


Here’s what you can work with to solve your testing + integration problems

Integrate with Ease

QA Touch integrates with like it’s super easy. Work OS build, run, and scale the dream workflows all on one platform.

Unified Workflow

Now, you can directly create issues on Monday during the test execution in QA Touch.

Track The Test Management

Also, you and your team can track the project management tasks, issues, and test execution in one place.

Mobilize Team’s Productivity

The integration enhances the team’s productivity when managing test cases and test runs.


Capabilities of Our Monday Integration

  • Create issues on Monday directly from QA Touch during the test execution.
  • Plan and track the Testing activities from Monday cards.
  • Track the QA Touch Test Execution status from Monday.
  • Track the issues, and the test covers everything in a centralized place and the test assets repository.

Connect QA Touch and Monday

monday integration

How to integrate with QA Touch? is not limited to a project management tool; it is flexible enough for any activity like tracking to-dos, adding defects, managing ad campaigns, etc. Shortly the experts call Monday as a Work OS. You can see a big overall picture of the progress in a niche way of the project or whatever workflow you have configured. To empower our workflow process, we wanted to stitch our Test Management process into Then we will be able to see the progress of end-to-end activities altogether. Curious to know how you can leverage the testing process as part of the Work OS Monday.

Make your QA team well informed and more productive by integrating seamlessly with