QA Masterclass #5

Learning QA: Challenges and Opportunities & Innovation Inspired Automation

This Masterclass focuses on basics of Software quality assurance strategies, opportunities, and challenges; and slowly drill down to automation tool selection, creating your own selectors, and honing your automation skills.

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Key Takeaways

  • Opportunities & Challenges in Learning QA
  • How to leverage your career in QA?
  • How to select the best automation tool based on the project?
  • How should we use automation tools without compromising learning skills?
  • Know about a new reality to build our own selectors

About the speakers

Dr.Minh Ngoc Dinh

Dr.Minh Ngoc Dinh

RMIT University Vietnam

Minh Dinh is working as a lecturer in RMIT University Vietnam. His job involves teaching and developing several new software engineering and IT courses for RMIT’s School of Science and Technology.

Minh has worked for The University Of Queensland, Research Computing Centre for the last five years as a researcher and scientific workflows expert. He has also co-authored several milestone papers at major international conferences.

Minh has worked with Monash University as a teaching staff and researcher for more than 6 years.
He has worked with a number of UQ researchers across various disciplines. He was involved in developing and promoting RCC’s cloud and high-performance computing technologies and providing researchers with solutions in the form of the Nimrod and Kepler workflow engines.

Sanjay Kumar

Sanjay Kumar

Creator of SelectorsHub & ChroPath

He is a renowned Speaker, significant contributor and a passionate Automation enthusiast. As a self-learned, self-employed individual, he runs the extra miles to make testers and developers’ life easy. He’s an avid blogger and has written more than a dozen blogs across different media.

Past Sessions of QA Masterclass

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