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QA Masterclass #9

How Raiffeisen Bank International drives agile engineering excellence with the RBI Agile Engineering Maturity Model?

How quickly an organization sustains and endures a change is what validates its agility. And, of course, every organization is apparently talking about being agile. Then comes Continuous Integration, Continuous Testing, Test automation, and DevOps hustling high up on the software buzz list in 2021.

What if we tell a way to improve all of this with one good shot by delivering and discussing real-time examples? This is what our QA Masterclass season 2 is bringing to you with its 1st episode. Save your spot now and join our experts Rudolf Grötz and David Heitzinger for more knowledge and insights on the topic.

March 16, 2021 | 10 am EST to 11 am EST

About speakers

Rudolf Grotz

Rudolf Grotz

Rudolf Grotz has been in IT for 30 years and has been a passionate software tester since 2008. He works as an agile engineering coach for the topic & test automation at Raiffeisen Bank International in Vienna and lives the motto “Test automation is not an act, test automation is a habit!”. In addition to various author activities, including for IX-Magazin, he organizes the Agile (Test) Automation Meetup in Vienna with more than 1000 members and the TestBustersNight Vienna 6 times a year.

David Heitzinger

David Heitzinger

David Heitzinger is Head of Agile Engineering Support in Raiffeisen Bank International (RBI). He drives together with his Agile Engineering Coaches the agile (engineering) transformation in RBI towards an adaptive organization. Agile Engineering Methodology is among the key success factors for agile delivery tribes. Bringing this mindset to the top of the list of product owners and other stakeholders is currently the main challenge in RBI. David has extensive experience as a Software Developer and Architect, together with a long engagement in agile topics, which are the ingredients to tackle this transformation.

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