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What’s Trending in Testing?

Great mentors are not the easiest to come across. They help guide you and offer solutions to some of the biggest conundrums that one faces while creating a successful career. We at QA Touch wanted to offer the next best thing: experts from the dynamic field of Quality Assurance and testing who can help answer questions about the industry that keep you up at night.

Episode #1

Q&A on QA

Episode #2

Q&A on QA

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Q&A on QA

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Q&A on QA

QA Masterclass

Learn about Testing Strategies, Trends, Tips, Career Growth and more to empower you to be a Great Tester,
from the Testing Experts and Leaders. Get Ready, Set, Go!

Season 2

Class #14

Testing a Data Science Model

Class #13

Getting Started Using Cypress

Class #12

Testing Beyond Your Project

Class #11

Get To Know About Accessibility

Class #10

Core Values Of Efficient Automation

Class #9

How Raiffeisen Bank International drives agile engineering excellence with the RBI Agile Engineering Maturity Model.

Season 1

Class #8

The Screenplay Pattern: Better Interactions for Better Automation

Class #7

Testing with DevOps

Class #6

Example Mapping: The Three Amigos

Class #5

Learning QA: Challenges and Opportunities & Innovation Inspired Automation

Class #4

Word Smatter: Exploring Semantics, Testers, and Problems

Class #3

Deep and shallow testing & distributed testing infrastructure

Class #2

How to set smart goals for testers? - Heuristics and Mnemonics in software testing

Class #1

BDD testing and web test automation