Example Mapping: The Three Amigos

Every product/business has different perspectives for a problem and its solutions. Bringing their ideas together to achieve a common goal is what ” Example Mapping” does for a tester and their team.

Our guests on this episode:

Today’s session is all about “Example Mapping” and the “Three Amigo” approach to strengthen you and your team. Usually, the product owner, developers, and testers of agile businesses meet regularly to avoid misunderstandings, wrong assumptions, and errors that may pull the product down the track. This is where “Example mapping” profoundly comes in, to leverage knowledge sharing and networking among your peers and leaders.

You’ll be listening to Thomas Haver sharing his prowess about the topic! Our speaker is an international speaker and an Automation Architect.

Show Notes


The Three Amigos


Behaviour Driven Development


User stories l convention


Rules and Examples with blockbuster movies


how to use examples to illustrate the rules of user stories


Example mapping


Structured conversation


Example Mapping by Matt Wynne


The example map


The example mapping process


Feedback and understanding the user story


Benefits of example mapping


Examples of example map


A word of caution


A word of advice


An example that illustrates multiple rules


Remote example mapping


Example mapping with distributed teams


Example mapping group activity


Group activity sample


Group activity | User story


Group activity | Add rules


Group activity | Create examples


Group activity | Ask questions


Useful metrics


Mertics | Percent business rule


Metrics | Effective Automation

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