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jira logo

Integrate JIRA with QA Touch for enjoying some exceptional benefits like:

    • Create issues, set priorities, and assign users to Jira directly from QA Touch.
    • Create a project in QA Touch and link with the correlating JIRA project in the same space by providing API details.
    • Link Test cases and Jira Requirements directly from QA Touch, and the JIRA Requirements Traceability Matrix, will be built automatically.
    • Jira Cloud Integration Guide
JIRAServer logo

QA Touch effortlessly integrates with JIRA Server thereby rolling out to you an array of benefits such as:

  • Synchronize your self-hosted JIRA platform with QA Touch so that you can work from a centralized platform.
  • You can keep your test issues posted in your JIRA account directly from QA Touch.
  • Seamlessly link your projects in JIRA with QA Touch and manage all your testing activities.
slack logo

Slack Integration with QA Touch helps you with:

  • Making your team collaboration much easier.
  • It keeps your teams updated on every activity/change in the project.
  • Configurable Notification settings.
  • QA Touch notifies the test results automatically in your configured project’s Slack channel.
Lighthouse logo

QA Touch connects with Lighthouse, an open-source automated tool by Google, used for auditing the quality of web pages. Lighthouse does audits for performance, accessibility, progressive web apps & SEO. This integration enables you to do the following:

  • You can run several series of audits on your web-page/site for accessibility & performance.
  • Check for SEO best practices to ensure your site is discoverable.
  • Generate multiple audit reports and save them in a centralized repository.
Jenkins logo

QA Touch connects with Jenkins, an open-source CI/CD tool and a platform for the development and testing process. This integration can play a huge role in your development process. Know how.

  • Automate your test management activities in the software development cycle of the build, test, continuous integration, and deployment.
  • Effortless and automatic update of your test results.
  • Achieve significant levels of testing automation
  • Make your testing process more agile and integrated.
WebdriverIO logo

QA Touch webdriverIO reporter connects with WebdriverIO, an open-source test automation tool. WebdriverIO allows you to automate any application written with modern web frameworks such as React, Angular, Polymer, or Vue.js and native mobile applications for Android and iOS.

Now sync your automation test execution results to QA Touch with our reporter.

  • Automatic sync of your test automation results.
  • Easily trackable test execution in a single place.
  • Click here to know more about setting up this reporter.
trello logo

Administer your project workflow in an efficient and hassle-free manner by Integrating your Trello with QA Touch.

  • Simplify your projects Issue Management by posting issues directly from QA Touch into Trello.
  • Effectively classify, prioritize, and schedule your Issues by adding activities directly to your Trello cards.
  • Ensure seamless collaboration between your testing and development team and maintain a smooth workflow.
Assembla logo

Integrating QA Touch with Assembla, a well-known enterprise project management software benefits a QA Team in the following ways:

  • Keeps any new issue entered into Assembla cards as well as having issue updates made in QA Touch reflected automatically in Assembla.
  • Seamlessly classify and manage issues by posting issues in different cards according to your requirement.
  • Improves collaboration between QA and development teams as well as eliminates the burden of duplicate entry of projects and issues into both platforms separately.
BugZilla logo

QA Touch connects with BugZilla, the web-based general-purpose bug tracking system leveraged by enterprises to help you scale up your test management:

  • Simplify your issue management process by having QA Touch and BugZilla connected and talking.
  • Automatically keep your BugZilla products updated of defects as soon as created in your test management dashboard.
  • Speed up your QA process by maintaining uniformity of data and eliminating duplicate entry of bugs into both systems.
QA Touch API
  • Enjoy an instant synchronization of your automation test results.
  • Create, view, and update test modules such as Requirements, Test Cases, Test Runs, Issues, Releases, and Projects in QA Touch itself.
youtrack logo

QA Touch connects with Youtrack, it is a browser-based bug tracker, issue tracking system and a project management software. Here lies every benefit it has to offer.

  • Streamline your issue tracking process by mapping your Youtrack projects in QA Touch.
  • Keep all issues created in QA Touch to get instantaneously posted onto your mapped Youtrack project.
  • Stay on track with respect to issue management and the STLC process.
Redmine logo

QA Touch connects with Redmine, a web-based open-source tool for project management and issue tracking. And here come it’s priceless benefits:

  • Simplify your issue management process by having QA Touch and Redmine synchronized.
  • Keep your Redmine account updated on the issues once after its creation in the QA Touch.
  • Improve your testing process by adopting the enhanced issue management mechanism.
  • Enable your team to have more control in the issue management & processing than ever before.
github logo

Here is what makes GitHub and QA Touch a powerful integration:

  • All issues can be posted from QA Touch into the configured Github repository.
  • Comprehensive code handling for developers.
  • It empowers and enhances your whole testing experience.
gitlab logo

Leverage a centralized hub for defect management by integrating GitLab with QA Touch.

  • Smoothly handle defects by posting them directly from QA Touch into the GitLab repository.
  • You can select multiple labels from the GitLab repository while creating issues.
  • You can enhance design, development, and management of code and project data.
  • At the same time you can also improve the efficiency of your testing and DevOps processes.
BitBucket logo

Manage your code professionally by mapping your BitBucket Repository into QA Touch.

  • Leverage an exemplary project collaboration right from planning, testing to deploying code.
  • Keep bugs posted in a single BitBucket repository directly from QA Touch and also efficiently track them.
  • Maintain a coherent communication channel through inline discussions and threaded conversations.

Upcoming Integrations


We are soon integrating with these below mentioned leading third-party tools to ensure you have a smooth, hassle-free testing workflow by not switching tools while working.

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