Deep and shallow testing & distributed testing infrastructure

“Shallow is not an insult. Deep is not necessarily a compliment,” says our guest Michael Bolton. He would teach us how to make the shallow deeper and deep cheaper. In the second half, you can get to learn a lot about distributed testing infrastructure from Sneha. The what, how, and why are best explained with stringing examples here at our Masterclass #3. Check it out.

Our guests on this episode:

We have two exalted presenters from the testing arena here to share their incredible knowledge. Our first guest speaker is Michael Bolton, a Rapid Software Testing consultant, teacher, and co-author DevelopSense. He would illuminate a vivid concept called deep and shallow testing for us. Next, we have Sneha Viswalingam, Staff Test Automation Engineer, ZOLL Medical Corporation, for the other half of the session. She would be highlighting the distributed testing infrastructure and different tools in the discipline.

Show Notes


How do we characterize good and science?


How do we characterize good and bad testing?


Facts, evidence, inference, assumptions, and premise.


When is an assumption more dangerous?


Level of assumptions (reckless, risky, safe, and required).


Reckless assumptions.


Risky assumptions.


Safe assumptions.


Required assumptions.


Four frames for testing.


RST Agile quadrants in detail.


What do we mean by shallow and deep testing?


Responsible testing depth.


Testability is not an afterthought; how to ensure it?


The testing story is three braided stories.


Login stuff we want to test.


How do we get deep (testing).


The evolution distributed test infrastructure.

[55.20 ]

Need for the distributed testing.


Introduction to Selenium Grid.


Test execution with Selenium Grid.


Introduction to Saas solution.


Moving into the cloud.


DIY solutions using Open Source options.


Rise of DevOps culture and Continuous testing.


Infrastructure as code.


IaC Tools.


Configuration Management tools (best practices).


Choosing the IaC tool.



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