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Test Management Tool

Eliminate the problem of misplacing or missing the test cases

Map the requirements with test cases and establish the traceability

Don’t start from scratch every time. Re-use the previously created test cases

Easily scale-up and enable your team to work on multiple projects

Integrate with other project management tools like Jira, Bugzilla, Redmine, etc…

Drive better testing with the actionable intelligence and reports

What can I handle with QA Touch

The Smart Test Management

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Manage Test Cases

The test case will enable you to perform a series of steps for verification and validation of the application being worked upon. It helps you add the description, the steps needed to execute the test case, the expected result(s) of the entire test case, and individual steps, prerequisites for the test case execution.

Execute Test Runs

Execute the test cases in an organized manner with Test Runs. The test run will execute the test cases to validate the if feature or functionality is working as expected. It helps to find out whether the test cases have been successfully implemented or not, and whether the requirements have been fulfilled or not.

Free Test Case Management Tool Execute Test Runs

Handle Issues

Mark the Issue when a test case is failed. You can create an issue on the fly without leaving QA Touch from the Test Runs. The complete issue management cycle can be maintained in QA Touch from the New status to Closed.

Organize with Mindmaps

Captures your thinking that goes inside your mind with the Mindmaps. It mimics the myriad synapses and connections of our own brain cells, thereby reflecting the way we ourselves are created and connected. Use mindmaps to brainstorm the various combination of scenarios before preparing the detailed test cases.


Actionable Reports

Get robust and actionable intelligence about your project with Reports. The reports will get you the convenient summary of the Releases, Test Runs, and the activity, Issues summary. Make smart decisions based on these data.

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15+ Major Apps, Infinite Possibilities

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Customer Stories

Customers of QA Touch automate their path to awesomeness every day. Here are two of many such client successes we love to talk about:

With QA Touch, they’ve run 23000+ Test cases with 37+ Test Runs under 6+ New Projects with massive outcomes!

“QA Touch Made JIRA Test Case Management Effortless. Seamless Integration Allowed Easy Back-And-Forth Access Between QA Touch And JIRA, Boosting Bug Report Visibility And Test Case Organization.”

“QA Touch’s Intuitive Interface And Seamless Navigation Have Significantly Improved Our Testing Process. It’s Easy To Explore Projects, Track Test Cycles, And Monitor Progress Through The Informative Dashboard.”

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