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AUGUST 08 – SEPTEMBER 09, 2022

Spotlighting the QA community and its excellence
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Arun Kumar Dutta

Associate Principal @ LTI - Larsen & Toubro Infotech

Brijesh Deb

Principal Consultant @ Infosys

Deepak Koul

Software Engineering Manager @ Red Hat

Jayesh Wankhade

Lead Quality Assurance Engineer @ Softronics Development LLP

Shailesh Gohel

Senior Manager - QE @ Litera

Tiago Gomes

QA Lead @ Thoughtworks

Prashant Hegde

Engineering Manager-QA @ MoEngage

Pricilla Bilavendran

QA Team Leader @ Billennium

Maulik N. Shah

Senior Technical Lead @ elnfochips

Faiz Modi

Senior Test Automation Engineer @ Globant

Mansi Vanzara

Senior Software Engineer QA @ Litera

Anoop M Prasad

Assistant Director @ Reflection Infosystems

Poornima Hegde

Lead Quality Engineer @ Walmart Labs

Priyanka Brahmane

QA Lead @ MyGlamm

Maheshwaran VK

Lead Engineer - Automation @ Elixr Labs



“Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of intelligent effort.” – John Ruskin.

Thank you dear Tester for the work you do! To celebrate you, we are going on overdrive and bringing you a month’s worth of surprises and insights that you would love.
This is a unique opportunity for you to explore the testing world, put your skills to the test, and put the undeniably crucial role of Quality Assurance in the spotlight. Join us in this exciting moment and make it all yours.

Key Takeaways:

  • Informative webinars on the future of software testing by QA professionals
  • Entertaining and interactive events throughout the month
  • Bringing some exciting challenges to the QA Community
  • The chance to be recognized among peers in the QA Community
  • Insights that can help you upskill and chart your career in QA


QUIZ (Test The Testers)

AUG 29 – SEP 30 2022

Hello QA Professionals! learning is an acquired art, but when we learn, we grow infinitely. So why not put your knowledge thus far to the test with the fun quizzes in your chosen field? Join Test The Testers quiz competition and unfold the power of your knowledge. Trust yourself, you know more than you think you know. And we’re looking forward to celebrating that fact with you.

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My Dear Tester’s

Open letters

Sept 05 – Sept 09 2022

Each experience at every point of your career, whether a success or a failure, a milestone or a setback– they all have one thing in common: people, memories, and lessons. We all have someone we owe a lot of our successes and learnings to, so bring back those days hidden in your memories. Write an open letter to your mentor, senior, or anyone you want to thank this Global Tester’s Day. Simply download the template from our website, write an open letter mentioning the person you are writing to and include their designation.


Eat Those Bugs

Facts and myths

August 08 – Sept 09 2022

Fed up with myths and misconceptions you hear in your daily career life? We are too. Let’s set the record straight and break those myths, follow us on LinkedIn and participate in Eat those Bugs. All you’ve to do is participate in the weekly polls and help us beat the biggest myths you’ve heard about your profession.