BDD Testing and Web Test Automation

One of our incisive masterclasses on how BDD Testing helps in amplifying your testing career. It’s an impelling session that casts a bigger light on BDD, TDD, and their scope. Here in the second half, you would be learning some witty dos and don’ts in automated testing and how important it is to find the right tool for that matter.

Our guests on this episode:

We have two savvy experts from the testing industry. First is Faisal Humayun – Sr. System Test Lead at Ubicquia, who has around 15 years of QA experience. And you would hear him speak on how BDD Testing helps grow your career.

Second is Jason Myers – Udemy Course Author at GlitchIT System and Senior QA Automation Engineer at Zoom+Care. He would simplify the intricate planning for web test automation for you. Also, we have left some important show notes and show links for your better learning with us.

Show Notes


How does BBD Testing help to grow your career?


10 Qualities of a good software tester.


The ‘WHY’ behind the code BDD vs. TDD.


What does BDD look like?


What BDD looks like when you are in Jira mode?


The automation aspect of BDD and its execution.


Reporting in BDD.


The career aspects of BDD.


Is the BDD key to finding a position? Do companies look for BDD skills?


Optimizing and refining the scope of BDD.


Advantages of BDD over TDD.


Planning for automated testing.


What are the goals that you want to solve with automated testing?


What should not be the goals that you want to solve with automated testing?


What tasks are required in automation testing?


What are you going to automate?


Who is going to create an automated test?


Keys to successful implementation to test automation.


Choosing the correct tool for test automation (Web UI, API, and reporting tools).


Strategy for automated testing.

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Jason MyersJason Myers
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