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Free Test Case Management Tool

Plan, Track, Execute and Measure


Track your Releases for every Project.

Test Cases

Measure how many test cases passed the QA process.

Test Run

Itemize all the test runs for the test cases.


Get a snapshot of the issues in the project and its status.


Test Management

Handling test cases has become more natural and intuitive, thanks to our fully-comprehensive test case management tool. Plan, Execute and Measure every aspect of Software Quality Assurance.

In-built Bug Tracking

Why switch between different software? Now, you could raise a bug right from the very place where you run a test scenario. Allocating and tracking bugs shouldn’t be cumbersome like before.

Test Suites

Reuse the test cases by copying test cases from one project to another. Option to import the test cases and copy them from one project to another. Test cases also can be moved between modules within a project.

Jira Integration

QA Touch provides seamless integration with JIRA allowing you to log issues, set priorities directly, and assign to relevant team members. Also, populate data from your already existing JIRA account into QA Touch.

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