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Free Test Management Tool That Facilitates You To Stay Ahead

Free Test Management Tool That Facilitates You To Stay Ahead

Essential Features for Software Testers

We provide an array of features and integrations that take your QA process to the next level

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In-Built Mindmap

Analyze, structure and elevate your project understanding. Use QA Touch to depict and share your requirements and processes through a comprehensive mind map representation.

In-Built Bug Tracking

Don’t switch softwares! Track bugs in detail in terms of priority, severity and much more, in a single dashboard, right from the very place you run a test scenario.

Jira Integration

Working with different third party software? QA Touch provides seamless integration with tools like Jira, Slack, GitHub and much more, so that you work seamlessly without switching screens

Multi Language Support

Customize your QA Touch dashboard by setting it up in your native language. QA Touch supports four different languages, namely English, Spanish, French and Italian with lot more to be added in our pipeline

Audio Recording of Issues

Having a project team speaking different languages? Communicate issues in native language for clear and elaborate understanding. Just record your voice and send it over

AI Text Prediction

Don’t waste time typing out entire test details. Empower your QA team by reducing time and effort while typing by text prediction

Test Management

Test Management is the activity of managing the software testing process performed by QA teams in organizations.

It is indispensable for QA teams as it helps simplify, track and report all testing activities and help seamless flow of the test processes.

Test Case Management

Test Case Management is the process of managing test plans, test cases, test runs, issues and other aspects of test management.

Test Case Management helps testers, developers, managers, and clients to critically analyze and keep track of test activities in detail.

Free Test Management Tool

QA Touch is a free test management tool that caters to QA teams with a broader spectrum of test management requirements.

Get started with our free trial. Try out our entire test management suite of features and integrations for one full month.

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