Getting Started Using Cypress

July 8, 2021 – 10.00 am EST

pedro hyvo qa masterclass #13 cypress

Pedro Hyvo

(Principal QA Engineer at Modus Create)

I’m a Principal QA Engineer and Lead of the QA Community of Experts at Modus Create with +6 years of experience in software testing. Currently, living in Campina Grande, Brazil. Also have MBA in Project Management, Test Manager (ISTQB), and Scrum certifications. I’m curious, eager to learn, creative, collaborative, and during my free time, I love traveling and going to the beach.

Speaking of his other contributions to the testing community:

✔ He created an open-source project intending to translate Portuguese-Brazil the official documentation of the Cypress framework.

New to the next-generation test tech Cypress? Want to lead the modern-day web QA? Worry not! Your question is anything and everything about Cypress; get ready to reward yourself with the most enthralling answers from the expert himself, Pedro Hyvo, Principal QA Engineer at Modus Create.

Well, interestingly, the session highlights the elementals of Cypress, like How Cypress works and provides features. And why so many companies and projects are religiously using Cypress plus many more exciting things that we can’t cover in just one line.

Of course, all of these make our 13th edition of QA Masterclass a perfect resort for getting started with Cypress. Not to mention the webinar’s goal is to drive a blossom QA community that helps Testers build endless test knowledge. So, get registered and post your thought-provoking questions so we can keep the conversation going.

So, What Will You Learn From This Session?

  • How to start using Cypress in your project?
  • Why do developers love to use it?
  • Main features of
  • How to write Cypress tests?

Show Notes

2.45 – What is Cypress?
5.09 – Test Runner in Cypress
5.49 – Why Cypress?
6.18 – Useful and good documentation and how to
6.41 – Set up and debug Tests easily and how to
8.00 – Time travel feature in Cypress
9.00 – Complete end-to-end Testing experience and how
10.49 – Lovable Dev experience and examples
11.30 – Cypress Dashboard
12.03 – Features of Cypress
12.56 – Parallel execution and load balancing and how
14.21 – Flaky Test Management
15.12 – Test Analytics and how to use
15.59 – Hands-on Cypress session
39.58 – Roadmap
44.30 – How the software performance will effect if you are not using Selenium directly?
45.43 – Does Cypress work for mobile automation?
47.13 – Is it important to have a dedicated team Vs. having developers and automate the test scripts
48.05 – How to integrate Cypress inside a CA project?
50.38 – Can Cypress be used for Security Testing and Unit Testing?