Testing with DevOps

The fast-growing digital era has challenged many organizations to make their products faster and more reliable. DevOps practices are keen to speed up this process and make the product more trustworthy. So, we have our guest speaker to take us through the nuts and bolts of this hottest trend in the software industry.

Our guests on this episode:

Speaking about DevOps, we have an incredible person who has trained over 5000+ professionals in Test Automation. He is Giridhar Rajkumar, who is an Author, Speaker, and successful Instructor in Test Automation and DevOps concepts with over 11 years of IT experience.

Show Notes


DevOps – Introduction


What is DevOps


Common Misunderstandings


QA in DevOps


Continuous Testing


Stages of CT


Best practices


Live Demo


Advanced DevOps Pipeline







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Giridhar Rajkumar