Testing Beyond Your Project

June 10, 2021 – 3.00 pm CET

Emna Ayadi

Emna Ayadi

(Test Coach, Speaker & MoT Meetup Organizer)

Emna is a passionate software tester and detail-oriented who loves to analyze root causes, test, collaborate with diverse people, and investigate issues. She has 5 years of experience on different projects combined with testing and coaching roles. She appreciates delivering workshops about testing for her team and the local community to make them aware of different trends in software testing and organizer “Ministry of Testing” meetups at Sfax, Tunisia.

She blogs regularly on her blog emnaayadi.com. She also co-authored the “21st Century skills for testers” ebook.

Outside of work, traveling is her favorite pastime, but when everyone works from home, the hobby becomes traveling via food @emnafoodies.

Testing is a challenging job but let’s not forget that it can be fun too. We know that as “Testers,” you love being creative at your work.

Each one of you wants to learn new techniques, new ways of testing, explore more applications in different business fields. Indeed, it’s a fun-filled journey.

Some of you find that leaving your organization can help develop more skills as a tester by discovering new projects, dealing with new tools, new languages. We just can’t ignore this fact.

But what if you stay at the same organization while it’s already challenging, try to learn more different ways and practice them with other testers in the world, and then try to implement them at your workplace and share them with your team to improve your way of testing.

In the upcoming QA Masterclass #12, you will learn how to gamify each style of testing, be it small or big, simple or complicated. Let’s cheer every practice, every effort to better our testing communities, and more cheers to our challenges that make us shine every day.

Come and learn different activities you can do outside of your working hours to make you a brilliant tester. The only criteria – you need to be generous to share and receive from others.

In this session, Emna focuses on all the things you can do outside your daily projects not related to testing but could improve the tester’s mindset and skill set.

So, what will you learn from this session?

  • Different activities that strengthen test communities
  • The skills needed for the modern tester
  • How to learn from your everyday life and apply it in the field of testing
  • Software testing related games plus the link with fun and learning

Show Notes

4.36 – How can Testers Survive in an Agile Environment?
4.56 – Testing Manifesto
5.37 – What are the required skills for the Testers?
7.21 – What different activities can you do outside of working hours that make you a better Tester?
9.02 – Creativity
10.59 – Explore
13.30 – Sketchnoting
14.26 – Continuous Learning
14.32 – Learn UX – CX and PO
15.33 – Books for Testers
17.52 – Blogging
19.26 – Racket.com
22.50 – Collaboration
26.00 – Join or Create Community
26.45 – What is a community of practice
27.17 – Sense of Community
30.00 – Gamify Testing
30.32 – Gathering members to establish a test strategy
36.31 – Mindfulness and meditation
37.54 – Find your focus
38.42 – T-Shaped Software Tester
40.54 – How to update yourself to become a better Tester?
43.02 – What factors should be considered when choosing a Test Management tool and Project Management tool?
45.57 – How make a switch to the QA profession?
49.56 – How to start QA as a Tester?
52.33 – Suggestion on QA books for freshers

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