Learning QA: Challenges and Opportunities & Innovation Inspired Automation

This Masterclass focuses on the basics of software quality assurance strategies, opportunities, and challenges; and slowly drills down to automation tool selection, creating your own selectors, and honing your automation skills.

Our guests on this episode:

We have two dynamic personalities to demystify the two different aspects of learning testing.

Our first speaker is Dr. Minh Ngoc Dihn, a professor from RMIT University, Vietnam, who emphasizes the typical educational side of testing. Broad concepts like QA challenges and opportunities are thoroughly addressed here.

And our second speaker Mr. Sanjay Kumar is the Creator of SelectorsHub and ChroPath. Notably, he is a self-learned and self-employed individual who is going to stress innovation-inspired automation. Without any further late, let’s dwell on the session.

Show Notes


Teaching and learning software testing at school.


Engineering quality assurance and Testing syllabus.


Assessment of learning Testing (education-oriented).


Work assignment.


Group stage 1.


Group stage 2.


Enviro Smart’s specification.


Student performance.


Software testing, where is the confusion?


Student feedback.


key challenges.


Industry expectations and potential opportunities in testing.


Innovation inspired automation.


About SelectorshHub, how to install it, and how to use it.


Can we verify selectors for shadowDOM’s elements?


Is it safe and secure to use SelectorsHub?


Does SelectorsHub slow down the browser?


SelectorsHub achievement.

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Dr. Minh Ngoc Din
Mr. Sanjay Kumar
RMIT University Vietnam