Bitbucket Integration

Revolutionize storing & managing Test codes instantly with our Bitbucket Integration

We are talking zero setup process and zero hustle and wasting time. Don’t comprise get robust in the way you reserve your codes, maintain and manage the changes in it, anytime real quick. Read more to know the capabilities of the tool QA Touch in sync with the Git-based source code repository Bitbucket.

Bitbucket integration

Features of Bitbucket integration in QA Touch

Less to zero setup process

Connecting QA Touch with Bitbucket is an effortless procedure. After One time setup, automatically issues will be automatically posted to Bitbucket.

Direct posting of issues

QA Touch integration with Bitbucket helps one to directly post issues in the Bitbucket repository and track them.

Issue Tracker

After Posting issues, one can easily Track them easily with a feature called Issue Tracker.


Capabilities of QA Touch and Bitbucket Integrations to solve customers problems

  • Manage your code professionally by mapping your BitBucket Repository into QA Touch.
  • Leverage an exemplary project collaboration right from planning, testing to deploying code.
  • Keep bugs posted in a single BitBucket repository directly from QA Touch and also efficiently track them.
  • Maintain a coherent communication channel through inline discussions and threaded conversations.

QA Touch & Bitbucket Integration Process

Bitbucket integration steps

Connect QA Touch and Bitbucket

Bitbucket Capabilities

How to integrate Bitbucket with QA Touch?

Bitbucket is mainly used by developers to store their codes and do changes with a team. Bitbucket also provides some more features like a team to collaborate and create projects, and deploy codes.
QA Touch offers seamless integration with Bitbucket, presenting the best way to keep all the bugs posted in the Bitbucket Repository.

Bitbucket can be blended with QA Touch in a short period, by following the underneath three steps:

  1. Generate the APP Password (Personal Access Token) in Bitbucket.
  2. Configure the API Key of Bitbucket and the repository details.
  3. Configure Bitbucket Settings.

Make your QA team well informed and more productive by integrating seamlessly with Bitbucket