GitHub Integration

Bring About An Impactful Testing With A Comprehensive Code Handling

A Comprehensive Code Handling is bound to make a huge difference in your testing. Empower your Developers and Testers with our robust GitHub integration in your Test friend QA Touch. This integration is equipped to offer you the below potentials.


Here’s what you can work with to solve your testing + integration problems

Post issues without a hitch

All issues can be posted from QA Touch into the configured Github repository.

Robust Code Handling

The integration offers comprehensive code handling for developers.

Enhanced Testing

It empowers and enhances your whole testing experience.

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Capabilities Of Our GitHub Integration

  • Can easily post bugs in GitHub repository and link with test resources in QA Touch efficiently
  • QA Touch Integrates with GitHub that allows users to directly post issues in GitHub from the QA Touch
  • We can post issues automatically in the GitHub repository
  • Comes with an easy-to-integrate feature saving you time and from the painful process.
GitHub Integration

How to Integrate GitHub with QA Touch?

GitHub is a web-based interface that collaborates with Git, which is an open-source version control software that helps people to perform any changes in the code that will not affect others’ work. GitHub can be integrated with QA touch in a short span of time, by following the below three steps.

  • Generate the API Key (Personal Access Token) in GitHub
  • Configure API Key of GitHub and the repository details
  • Configure GitHub Settings

Make your QA team well informed and more productive by integrating seamlessly with GitHub