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This event aims to engage professionals at a global level, fostering discussions on the ever-evolving scope of testing, cutting-edge technologies, and the industry’s exciting future. Don’t miss out on this remarkable opportunity to connect, learn, and contribute to the advancement of testing practices worldwide. Open to all testers, technologists, and companies that are looking to hire testers. Register now and secure your spot at the forefront of the testing community!

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Industry Updates

Stay ahead of the curve with the latest trends, tools, and methodologies in the testing industry.

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Gain valuable knowledge and insights by picking the brains of industry experts and thought leaders.


Connect with like-minded professionals, expand your professional circle, and build meaningful relationships.

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Explore potential job opportunities and if you’re a business owner, connect with skilled testers on a global scale.

Career Guidance

Get expert advice and guidance on advancing your career in the testing field with proper resources.

Community Interaction

Engage with a vibrant community of testers, share experiences, and learn from one another.


Ajibola Oladokun

Software Test Engineer at Myaza

Ajibola Oladokun is an ISTQB certified, Software Quality Assurance Engineer who has excelled in the tech landscape for two years. Her commitment to delivering software of the highest quality is evidenced by her track record of conducting exhaustive tests across diverse projects, from functional to performance.

She has a passion for automation and has implemented test scripts that expedite testing processes while maintaining precision. Ajibola's analytical mindset and structured testing methodologies have resulted in swift bug detection and resolution, contributing to timely software releases. Her innate curiosity drives her to explore emerging QA trends, keeping her at the forefront of testing practices. Connect with Ajibola on LinkedIn to exchange ideas about achieving software reliability.

Prashant Hegde

Engineering Manager QA At MoEngage

Prashant Hegde is a passionate software testing Manager. Prashant specializes in building and leading high-performing teams. Prashant heads the testing unit at MoEngage, a "leading" insights-led customer engagement platform.
Prashant is an empathic leader who finds fulfillment and happiness in helping others succeed. Throughout his career, he has been actively involved in worldwide testing, agile, and automation communities. He is a frequent speaker at software testing conferences.
Rampraesath J Kumaran

Senior Executive Quality Assurance at Air Asia

I am Ram, QA at Cake with 7 years of expertise in designing automation frameworks. Throughout my career, I have been deeply passionate about sharing knowledge and empowering others, and I am currently serving as a certified trainer at ThinkLeo. My training focus spans various Software Engineering practices, including Cyber Security, Software Testing, Automation Frameworks, blockchain technology, and more.

I am proud to be a core member of Synapse QA, where I contribute my skills and experience. I am an enthusiastic explorer, always eager to learn and coach others, and firmly believe in the philosophy of "Never-ending learning.

Shree Narayan Jha

Lead QA at Anatta

Shree Narayan, mostly known as Shree to all his colleagues, friends and fellow QA practitioners is the Lead QA of Anatta and plays a great part in defining and shaping Anatta’s Software Quality philosophy. As a thoughtful leader in the Software Testing space, Shree possesses extensive experience in the industry. Shree has worked as a Developer (C-Sharp), Tester, Test Management Consultant, Product Owner of eCommerce Tools, Product SME, Scrum Master and a part-time Project Manager; additionally helps QA practitioners to enhance their capabilities and productivity through Coaching and continuous Mentoring sessions.

Humble and soft spoken, Shree emphasizes on the fact that Testing Practices should be acknowledged and rewarded more.
He practices anatta or anatman as he breathes in and out; also you’ll hear ‘Peace’ and ‘Sweet’ words a lot while talking to him casually.

Andrew Knight

Automation Panda

Andrew Knight, also known as “Pandy,” is the Automation Panda. He’s a software quality champion who loves to help people build better quality software. An avid supporter of open source software, Pandy is a Playwright Ambassador as well as the lead developer for Boa Constrictor, the .NET Screenplay Pattern.

On the side, he is writing a book on software testing with Manning Publications. Apart from software, Pandy works on vintage Volkswagens. Check out his tech blog at, and follow him on Twitter at @AutomationPanda.

Bhavani R

Product Manager at QA Touch

Bhavani, a Product Manager at DCKAP with 20+ years of experience. A Certified Scrum Product Owner, a Certified Digital Product Manager, and a Certified Test Manager. I am passionate about testing and product management. Passionate for testing, reading, blogging, and cooking. Happy to contribute back to the testing/product community.


7:15 PM (IST)

Opening Notes

07:15 PM to 7:20 PM IST | 5 mins

Opening Notes by Sarath

– Product Specialist at DCKAP

7:20 PM (IST)

Session 1

07:20 PM to 07:45 PM IST | 25 mins

Think like a Tester

Prashant Hegde
– Engineering Manager QA at MoEngage

7: 50 PM (IST)

Session 2

07:50 PM to 08:15 PM IST | 25 mins

Modern Web Testing with Playwright

Andrew Knight
– Automation Panda

8:20 PM (IST)

Session 3

8:20 PM to 08:45 PM IST | 25 mins

Advancement of Software Testing

Shree Narayan Jha
– Lead QA at Anatta

8:50 PM (IST)

Session 4

8:50 PM to 09:15 PM IST | 25 mins

Life as a full stack tester

Ajibola Oladokun
– Software Test Engineer at Myaza

9:20 PM (IST)

Session 5

9:20 PM to 09:45 PM IST | 25 mins

QA Shape-Shifters: "Playbook for Job Environment Dynamics"

Rampraesath J Kumaran
– Senior Executive Quality Assurance at Air Asia

9:50 PM (IST)

Session 6

9:50 PM to 10:15 PM IST | 25 mins

AI in Testing: How you should adopt / Learn

Bhavani R
– Product Manager at QA Touch

10:15 PM (IST)

Closing Notes

10:15 PM TO 10:30PM IST | 15 mins

Thanks & Closing Notes

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