Slack Integration

Not Only Top Team Collaboration But Also Testing With Our Slack Integration

There is no denying that communication helps bring the best quality to the team and the product. Well, alongside a solid tool you also need to integrate it to the heart and core of your testing. QA Touch’s integration with Slack lets you amplify both. Check the below details for more insights.


Here’s what you can work with to solve your testing + integration problems

Team collaboration

Integration of Slack with QA Touch boosts the user’s communication and makes them more comfortable to work as a team or organization.

Test Management Made Easier

Now practice a simplified Team collaboration and Test Management to accelerate the testing process.

Now Praise The Distributed Work

Time is changing and so should we. Equip your team with this integration and worry not to work efficiently with people across the globe.

Get Notified of the Test Results Automatically

QA Touch notifies the test results automatically in your configured project’s Slack channel.

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Capabilities Of Our Slack Integration

  • Easy, automated Slack notification for every action in QA Touch.
  • Configurable Notification settings.
  • Keep the team members informed of every action/change in the project.
  • It becomes easier for a senior QA or stakeholders to keep an eye on the whole process.

How to Integrate Slack with QA Touch?

Slack is a proprietary business communication platform used for communication in collaborative teams. You can integrate it with QA Touch to enhance the efficacy of your Testing. Read our detailed ‘how to’ blog with the most simple explanation to learn more about the same.

Make your QA team well informed and more productive by integrating seamlessly with Slack