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Why QA Touch?

February 8, 2023
QA Touch

Most tech teams implement test automation when they want to make their QA processes more efficient and less time-consuming. Even though setting up autotests takes considerable time and effort, the results you can get are rewarding. 

Test automation is becoming increasingly popular among software development teams due to the benefits it can bring. When appropriately implemented, automated testing becomes more time and cost-efficient than manual testing. However, despite popular misconceptions, more is needed to eliminate the need for manual effort.

Gartner predicts that by 2024, organizations will reduce operating costs by 30% by combining automation technologies with redesigned operational processes. 

So, why QA Touch? 

QA Touch is a test case management tool for testers. It helps manage the project/product testing in companies, right from test planning, test execution, tracking and closure of defects, and reporting the status of QA activities. We provide test management solutions to a wide range of B2B and B2C industries right from the software, retail, wholesale, FMCG, fintech, agencies, freelancers, and much more. QA Touch is a modish Test Management tool. And a tech treasure for every passionate tester who thinks nothing but quality.

In times of economic slowdown, many businesses aim at transforming their processes into more efficient ones while saving resources. Test automation is one of the best tools to cope with those tasks in terms of QA, but it is crucial to remember that it requires an individual and careful approach.

E-commerce QA services can be a great support to your business and ensure user loyalty. Testing can be done by both the in-house team and the vendor. And if you need an independent testing contractor, we at QA Touch are always happy to give a hand. We could help even if you need short-period help. Contact us anytime and create an excellent shopping experience for your customers.

The benefit you gain from using QA Touch is that you can effectively manage your testing activities during the entire life cycle of the software and get an intuitive UI experience. Without a test management tool like QA Touch, you will face the challenges like using excel or other applications, which will make managing data very difficult for you and your testing.

In 2019, we have been awarded Premium Usability and Rising star by the Financing plan. 

Essential Features

Simple And Impactful UI: Our ultimate goal has always been, and will continue to be, empowering our users through a simple and impactful User Interface (UI). Most QA Touch clients have reported our UI is simple, friendly, and quick to accustom. The users can quickly start working on their own, on activities like adding test cases, executing test runs, and generating reports. It also helps them get the information they want in just a few clicks, whether it’s exporting data, checking test status, issue priorities, managerial reports, and many more.

Audio Recording of Issues: This feature enables voice recording of the issues summary while creating issues in QA Touch. Audio Recording can be done only for the Issues module.

Case Traceability Summary Report: This reporting feature enables you to track and analyze the end-to-end summary of test execution. You just have to select which test run you want to generate the case traceability summary for and download the report with just one click.  

Inbuilt Mindmap: In testing, a Mind Map uses symbols, colors, lines, and images to represent the various phases of software testing followed by activities under each phase. In short, a mindmap shows a visual representation of the testing function in its entirety and provides a creative way to plan the testing logically.

Reports: Generate unique general and managerial reports from test cases to releases and communicate them through mail to your project stakeholders.

Audit Log: Get a general overview and a project-wise overview of the testing progress in terms of test cases, runs, issues, and user activity logs.

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Nominal Pricing And Diverse Plans: Apart from all the above, the most striking aspect of why our clients love QA Touch is our very nominal pricing. QA Touch plans are also diverse and suited for all levels, from startups to big enterprises. QA Touch is priced in bulk, meaning the pricing is not on a per-user basis. QA Touch has three plans with pre-built pricing: Essential, Startup, and Professional, in addition to a custom plan named Enterprise.

QA Touch is a modern, stand-alone test management tool for multiple reasons, amongst which are its exclusive functionalities, simplified dashboard, nominal pricing, and diverse plans. Are you someone looking for a modern Test Management Tool that caters to all your test management needs? 

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Essential is a free plan, Startup and Professional are priced at $39/month and $139/month respectively. The Enterprise plan has custom pricing and is optimal if you have more than 50 users working on test management. The plans differ in terms of the maximum number of users, test cases, and test runs, along with the presence or absence of certain other features and integrations.

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The economic uncertainty after 2022 has forced organizations to cut costs and focus on operational efficiency. At the same time, digital transformation costs have increased as organizations rapidly adapt their workflows, services, and business models.

As a result, organizations use different tools to automate as much as possible. Through automation, organizations can reduce human error and improve process efficiency. In general, operation automation means fewer resources are needed to complete a procedure successfully.


QA Touch team has already adopted this trend of social transformation and full automation. We offer automated testing services for software in various fields. To mitigate the risks and guarantee the continuous quality of your software, QA Touch provides a cost-effective solution – an excellent combination of Manual and Automation QA. It prevents repetitive testing activities, reduces the project’s total cost, and increases automation testing efficiency. In return, you get cost and time-effective automation implemented effectively.

To ensure that you can use the full potential of automated testing, QA Touch is always ready to come up with a customized solution for your software. Contact us, and our experts from the Automation Department will be at your service.

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