Jira Integration

Map your requirements and test cases with Jira Integration

Jira is a leading project management and issue-tracking platform for software engineers and other internal teams. Integrate QA Touch with Jira to synchronize all your testing activities

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Keep your testing team in sync with all the process updates

Handle all your Requirements

Get all your requirements in one place. Get your requirements, user stories from Jira to QA Touch. Link your requirements to test cases and automatically build the Requirement Traceability Matrix in QA Touch.

Plan the Test Coverage

Export the Jira RTM and prepare the test coverage for the given project requirements. Examine the test coverage of test cases against the requirements and ensure the entirety of the coverage

Handle the Test Run

Synchronize the test result between QA Touch and Jira seamlessly. Create and report an issue or link the exiting issues to Jira directly from QA Touch. Review the details of the Issue as the complete description of the process will be added to Jira.

Act on advanced data & intelligence

All the changes made to the issue or requirements in Jira logged. With those data generate various kinds of reports like test run summary, test run assignee summary, Release summary with graphical charts.

Flexible Deployments

Integrate QA Touch with both Jira Cloud and Jira Server

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Capabilities of QA Touch and Jira Integrations

  • Create issues in Jira directly from QA Touch
  • Set priorities and assign users in Jira
  • Link Test cases and Jira Requirements directly from QA Touch
  • Plan your full test coverage

What Customers Say About Us

QA Touch is a user-friendly product that is currently changing the way we test. The QA Touch Team is always willing to assist with issues and requests are dealt with very quickly. The team is enjoying the integrations that QA Touch offers

-Magda Harmse, SQA Manager at Lexis Nexis

Connect QA Touch and Jira

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How To Integrate Jira Cloud And QA Touch?

Jira is a top-tier Project Management and Issue tracking tool for quite a lot of testers out there. And QA Touch coherently integrates with Jira bringing in the idyllic benefits to aid the testing process. Now, you can create issues, link test cases and Jira Requirements directly form QA Touch. Plus plan a full test coverage, set priorities, and assign users in Jira from QA Touch, here is how.

Make your QA team well informed and more productive by integrating seamlessly with Jira