Revolutionizing Quality Assurance. Here’s How LexisNexis Overcame Challenges with QA Touch!

Explore how LexisNexis streamlined testing and collaboration by integrating QA Touch, a user-friendly test management solution, in their quest for enhanced efficiency.

Navigating Complexities in Test Management

LexisNexis South Africa, a renowned provider of content and technology solutions, embarked on a journey to adapt and thrive in the ever-evolving landscape of quality assurance. As a subsidiary of RELX Group plc, a global leader in information solutions, LexisNexis was at the forefront of assisting professionals and businesses in staying updated on legislative changes and regulatory shifts. However, their internal testing procedures were encountering significant hurdles.

The company encountered multifaceted challenges that included issues with test case sharing, lack of integration between tools, navigation difficulties, and inadequate usability of reports. Managing their vast array of test cases, numerous test releases, and ongoing test runs presented a complex conundrum. Navigating these challenges required a seamless solution that would not only enhance their testing process but also integrate effectively with their existing tools and methodologies.

In the pursuit of a more effective testing approach, LexisNexis South Africa found a partner in QA Touch. Through seamless integration with our testing tools, the company managed to bridge the gap between tools, enabling better traceability and ease of sharing test cases. Magda Harmse’s proactive approach, coupled with QA Touch’s user-friendly interface and robust features, resulted in a transformation of their testing process.

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Streamlined Collaboration and Definite ROIs

In the quest to enhance collaboration and communication among teams, QA Touch stepped in as a catalyst of change at LexisNexis South Africa. The challenge of sharing test cases efficiently was transformed into a seamless process, as QA Touch enabled the easy sharing of test cases through email or links. This breakthrough not only accelerated the testing workflow but also facilitated a more streamlined and effective mode of communication between team members. QA Touch’s user-friendly interface served as a bridge, fostering stronger collaboration and empowering teams to work harmoniously towards their quality assurance goals.

Bridging Requirements and Results

One of the critical success factors in quality assurance is the ability to trace requirements through to their corresponding test results. QA Touch revolutionized this aspect at LexisNexis by providing a multi-JIRA integration that automatically constructed a requirements traceability matrix. This integration bridged the gap between tools, ensuring that project progress was seamlessly tracked from inception to execution. This achievement not only simplified the project management process but also enriched the decision-making capabilities of the teams, as insights were gleaned from the well-connected dots between actions and outcomes.

Reports, Integration, and Beyond

In the pursuit of efficiency, QA Touch not only addressed existing challenges but also transformed how LexisNexis managed its testing processes. The ability to schedule and generate reports automatically allowed the company to cut down the time spent on report preparation by a significant margin.

Moreover, the integration capabilities of QA Touch extended beyond the realm of test management, enabling teams to post issues in Jira directly from QA Touch along with test runs. This integration approach streamlined workflows and facilitated a smoother interaction between tools, setting the stage for an elevated level of efficiency and effectiveness in the organization’s testing endeavors.

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QA Touch has brought a refreshing change to our testing approach. Our team finds the user-friendly interface a joy to work with. The integration options provided by QA Touch have further enhanced our testing capabilities.

– Magda

SQA manager at LexisNexis