MoEngage’s journey from hurdles to triumph – A QA Touch transformation story.

A look into MoEngage’s partnership with QA Touch that redefined their test management, helped them with massive time savings, and boosted customer satisfaction!

MoEngage’s Path to Enhanced Test Management

MoEngage, a prominent player in the customer engagement platform landscape, has established itself as a go-to solution for data-driven engagement strategies. With a global presence across diverse industries and a customer base exceeding 1200 brands in over 13 countries, MoEngage’s mission to optimize engagement is evident.

However, growth brought its own set of challenges. As MoEngage expanded its horizons and continuously evolved, traditional approaches to test management began to falter. The reliance on spreadsheets for test management activities created bottlenecks. The team faced hurdles like misplaced spreadsheets, inadequate reusability, and a lack of cohesive QA guidelines. Issues extended to independent testing procedures, tracing requirements, and deriving actionable insights from testing metrics. These challenges, if left unaddressed, risked compromising the product’s quality and client engagement.

Enter QA Touch. In the pursuit of a streamlined solution, Prashant Hegde, an adept software testing leader heading MoEngage’s QA department, recognized the need for a transformative approach. After careful consideration and evaluation, QA Touch emerged as the chosen partner.

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Solutions that Transformed MoEngage’s Testing Approach

MoEngage’s search for a robust test management solution culminated in their partnership with QA Touch, a decision driven by rigorous evaluation and needs assessment. QA Touch seamlessly integrated into MoEngage’s workflow, replacing the spreadsheet-based approach with a comprehensive test management tool. This shift addressed their challenges head-on: spreadsheets’ inefficiencies were eliminated, reusability was enhanced, and QA guidelines were established. The tool’s ability to trace requirements back to their origins, independent testing procedures, and detailed test run histories fostered accountability and transparency in the testing process.

Replacing Spreadsheets with Precision – QA Touch’s implementation at MoEngage eradicated the inefficiencies of spreadsheet-based testing. Challenges like spreadsheet misplacement and sharing were resolved, bringing order and efficiency to their testing approach.

Empowering Reusability and QA Guidelines – QA Touch enabled MoEngage to elevate the reusability of testing assets and establish standardized QA guidelines. The platform’s structured framework facilitated the creation of reusable test cases and consistent QA procedures.

Traceability and Accountability – QA Touch facilitated requirement traceability, enhancing accountability and decision-making. It streamlined independent testing processes and maintained comprehensive histories of test runs, promoting transparency.

The outcomes of this collaboration were transformational. With QA Touch’s real-time reporting, MoEngage gained a holistic view of their testing activities, allowing them to uncover insights and make informed decisions. The Jira integration provided a seamless experience for testers within their familiar environment. Comprehensive documentation and proactive support facilitated rapid onboarding, empowering testers, developers, and product managers to leverage QA Touch’s capabilities effectively. In sum, QA Touch streamlined MoEngage’s testing procedures, propelling them toward their goal of delivering a high-quality product amidst a rapidly evolving customer engagement landscape.

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With over 47,212 test cases, 400 releases, and saving 30 minutes per cycle, QA Touch has become an integral part of our workflow, allowing us to maximize efficiency and deliver exceptional results.

– Prashant Hegde,

Engineering Manager QA At MoEngage.