Empowering International Giants: QA Touch’s Key Role in GEB and Dartford Toll, UK

Embark on a journey of innovation and collaboration as QA Touch proudly unveils its instrumental role in shaping two monumental projects by P Square Solutions Pvt Ltd.

The P Square Case Study - Unlocking Test Efficiency!

Renowned for its software solutions, system integration, and consulting services, P Square is the go-to for creating, testing, and maintaining toll systems. While aiding state and local road agencies, P Square encountered a pivotal challenge: refining their bug reporting and test case management processes. Enter Boby Satyan, the Principal QA Engineer, who spearheaded a mission to optimize their practices.

Despite using an open-source testing tool, operational challenges persisted. The missing link lay in integrating JIRA, a crucial tool for streamlined project management. This integration promised swift bug reporting, meticulous requirement tracing, and effortless test case creation.

This case study delves into P Square’s journey, narrating their pursuit of a seamless test case management system through JIRA integration.

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The QA Touch Test Management Upscale

The challenge of refining test case management prompted P Square Solutions LLC to seek a solution that would seamlessly integrate with their existing project management tool, JIRA. Their Principal QA Engineer, Boby Satyan, meticulously researched options that aligned with their requirements and budget. The integration with JIRA, a cornerstone of modern project management, promised streamlined bug reporting, requirement traceability, and test case creation. This alignment marked a pivotal turning point in their test case management journey.

QA Touch’s inherent compatibility with JIRA facilitated the automatic listing of test cases and ensured that bug reports were visible within the project management tool. This streamlined approach greatly improved their ability to trace requirements mapped to specific test cases, thus enhancing overall operational efficiency.

QA Touch’s integration-friendly approach allowed P Square to migrate their test cases seamlessly from their previous tool. The platform’s versatility extended to integration with a range of tools, including JIRA and Jenkins, simplifying the integration process. Additionally, QA Touch’s compatibility with various automation tools streamlined test case management and execution, including their Selenium Cucumber automation, which was further enhanced through QA Touch’s support for Cucumber automation via BDD Gherkins.

The integration capabilities of QA Touch extended beyond JIRA. The Multi JIRA project integration facilitated the synchronization of issues and projects between QA Touch and JIRA, providing a comprehensive overview of project status and issues. Beyond test case management, P Square’s expertise extended to the development of the financial engine for the Back Office System (BOS) provided by Emovis. In this context, QA Touch played a crucial role by facilitating the development and management of the financial management module’s features and enabling interoperability interfaces and integration with payment gateway systems.

Still Scaling Massively Towards Success

As P Square’s operations continued to scale, QA Touch seamlessly scaled alongside them. The numbers – over 23,000 test cases, 37 test runs, and 6 new projects – exemplify QA Touch’s capacity to accommodate growth and complexity, underscoring its position as an integral component of P Square’s success story.

As P Square continues to excel, QA Touch remains a steadfast partner, driving operational excellence and amplifying the impact of its toll system solutions. This case study serves as a testament to the pivotal role QA Touch plays in revolutionizing test case management practices. Ready to try our tool for free to see how it aligns with your business? Contact us today!

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QA Touch made JIRA test case management effortless. Seamless integration allowed easy back-and-forth access between QA Touch and JIRA, boosting bug report visibility and test case organization.

– Nobi ,

Senior QA Engineer at P Square Solutions.