Cypress Integration

Integrate Cypress faster and at scale without bottlenecks

Have trouble working with multiple tools? Problem solved. Now integrate the next-gen front-end testing tool,, with QA Touch in just minutes. And achieve your hustle-free Testing now. Let us go big, Testers.

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Here’s what you can work with to solve your testing + integration problems

Convenient Test Results Sync

Test results from local systems as well as in CI tools can be synced.

Single Setup Sync

Test results are synced under the specified test run for every test on a one-time setup.

Real-Time Reporting

Results are reported immediately after single test execution.

Multitest Support

Can write the test for multiple test cases in one stretch by specifying Test case Id.

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Capabilities of our integration

  • Setting up the reporter is simple and easy.
  • The automatic syncing of test results saves time for the users since it updates the results immediately once it is completed.

QA Touch & Cypress Integration Process

Cypress integration

Connect QA Touch and

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How To Integrate And QA Touch?

QA Touch Cypress reporter connects with Cypress, an open-source test automation tool. Fast, easy, and reliable testing for anything that runs in a browser. Cypress has been explicitly made for developers and QA engineers to help them get more done in less time. You can sync your automation test results to QA Touch with our handy QA Touch reporter.

Make your QA team well informed and more productive by integrating seamlessly with