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Amazing new features in Issue Tracker to try out right now!

February 23, 2018
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We at QA Touch go a long way to satisfy the customers with new features and enhanced experience. We’re hoping to set our benchmarks higher and higher for each new releases. This time we have introduced a good set of features to Built-in Issue Tracker.

Issue reporting is the most crucial and significant part of a Software Test Life Cycle. Each issue report should convey utmost possible information such as: What caused the issue, When did the issue occur, and Where did the issue occur from. Writing these reports will help in maintaining a concrete communication between the testers/QA managers and Developers team.

With the improved Issue tracker, we have added quite a few features like Option to upload screenshots, Search a particular issue by name, and Visualizing the comments inline in View issue

Outline of the Issue Search

All we thought was to (we’re still thinking, though) improve the user experience in every page possible. It’s really tough to scroll through hundreds of issues listed, so here comes the search option to issues. All you have to do is to type the issue ID or the name of the issue, and the results would show up within a blink of an eye.  You could also search using a keyword that’s related to the issue.

Issue Listing


Search Page

View Issue

You can see the issue details and inline view of comments. Comments history is available in right side of the issue.

Issue View Page

In addition, few tweaks have been made to Add User section on the Administration page. We sincerely request you to drop your valuable feedback, queries, and suggestions to improve QA Touch. To help you to do this, we have introduced interactive spaces to drop in your feedback.

Stay tuned for the more and more updates and features in the near future. User guide, Video tutorials, Exciting integration features, and lot more are down the pipeline and should be out anytime soon.

Happy testing and increase your team productivity by signing up with QA Touch

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