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DCKAP QA Touch with New Spirit

October 10, 2018
QATouch Re brand

Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” – Steve Jobs.

QA Touch Re Branding

As the world of e-commerce expands and evolves, we’re committed to helping our customers build efficient, modern, and customized websites. In order to stay at the forefront of the changing industry, businesses need to be flexible and adaptable to meet customer needs. That’s why we’re excited to announce that we have enhanced our product, QA Touch, with a sleek user interface and new features. Additionally, we have re branded our website with modern businesses in mind.  

Behind the Re branding

DCKAP is well-known for the range of services and platform extensions it provides, but many people don’t know that DCKAP also provides popular products. You’ve likely seen some of these products in action on different types of websites, but didn’t realize they were built by us! We decided we needed to change the logos and websites of our products in order to unify the branding and let customers know that they’re buying from a trusted, high-quality provider.

DCKAP Product Suite

We’re truly honored to provide quality services and products for our growing customer base, and it’s been exciting to see our products gain popularity among all types and sizes of businesses. We thought this was the perfect time to begin re branding in order to bring our product suite under the DCKAP umbrella. The suite contains:

  • Productimize: Provides countless customization and design options for e-commerce stores.
  • Cloras: Automatically integrates and syncs data across different channels.
  • QA Touch: Manages and tracks testing procedures for QA teams.

The updated features to QA Touch allow businesses to track their website efficiency, generate reports, and much more. Next, let’s talk about the changes in QA Touch product itself.

Test Cases Listing

We have redesigned the test cases listing page for more immersive user experience. In the previous version, we have shown all the test cases of the project at the page load itself. It had a glitch when the number of test cases crossed 4-digit figures. The below snapshot shows the previous version of test cases listing page:

In the new version, however, only the first module’s test cases will be loaded during the page load. On clicking of any module name, the respective module’s test cases will be loaded. The page load time is two times faster than that of the previous version. The below snapshot shows the new version of test cases listing page:

Price Changes

Businesses can begin with the Essential plan, which can support up to 300 tests and 50 tests runs, for no cost at all. If your business is just starting out, or you’re curious if this product is the right fit, go ahead and give it a try!

For larger businesses, we have the Professional plan, which is only $49 per month, and it allows unlimited test cases, test runs, and products, along with several other features that aren’t available in the free plan. An Enterprise plan is also available for companies with over 50 users.

DCKAP team members are planning more exciting changes for the near future, so stay tuned!

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