Live As If You Were To Die Tomorrow. Learn As If You Were To Live Forever. ―Mahatma Gandhi

What a driving quote indeed! Hello! I am Ahilan, a Certified Laravel Developer. I am a bookish kind of person who is always curious to learn and enhance my skills. And here in this blog, I will mainly share my journey of becoming a Certified Laravel Developer. I hope that will help you to get your certification too.

How To Apply For Laravel Examination

At first, you need to register for the exam on the Laravel certification website ( The next step would be to redeem a voucher from the link at your registered mail id.

You would receive another mail with a link for taking the exam. Nonetheless, the mail explains the process flow that you will need to undergo while taking the exam. Read through the mail very meticulously. There will also be an expiry date for the link, so be careful. You can have a maximum of two attempts to clear your certification. Please note that point too.

Laravel Exam Preparation

The preparation needs to be taken seriously since the Laravel examination covers various official documentation topics. Especially in my case, I was having around two years of experience working in the Laravel framework even before my exam. As I worked on different Laravel projects, it was relatively easy for me to read the documentation. In my view, the prerequisites are; practicing the documentation and hands-on experience in projects. Otherwise, a small workout on the concepts while reading the documentation should help in logical thinking and answer logic-type questions. 

Below are some of the main topics covered in the examination:

  • Middlewares (5%)
  • Events (10%)
  • Collection Helpers (10%)
  • Eloquent relationships (25%)
  • Routing (15%)
  • Blade Templates (5%)

Note: These are not the only topics that will come in the examination. The above topics are only to give you some basics insights about Laravel while reading the documentation.

Notable Points While Taking The Laravel Exam

You can take the exam only in the Google Chrome browser. You can also give the exam in the Proctor (ProctorExam | Infrastructure for Online Proctoring & Invigilation) with the link you receive in the email.

The list of instructions need to be followed  below:

  • We are not allowed to use other browsers or application windows.
  • We must be alone in a well-lit room.
  • We are not allowed to wear any earbuds or headphones.
  • We should not consult books or other documents.
  • We need to answer 45 questions in 50 minutes. All questions will be to pick the right option. 
  • We can also skip the questions. Further, which you can answer at any time during the exam. 
  • The question pattern will be both logical thinking and theory. But most of the time, it’s logical thinking. So, get prior hands-on experience for clearing the examination

Key Takeaways

After Completing The Laravel Exam, Within A Few Days, We Will Get An E-Mail With Our Results. Look out for it.

  • Don’t worry about traveling to examination centers since you can take the exam online from your place. The only thing we need is a small computer with a stable internet connection.
  • Make a note that the marks get deducted for every wrong answer.
  • We will get a certification in PDF format. Our name gets added to the online list of developers; you can verify it using the Laravel certification link (Directory of Certified Laravel Developers). 
  • The exam is on the date of this article, based on Laravel 5.7.

At last, I would recommend you to take the exam and get certified by Laravel. It will give you immense confidence as a developer and fearlessly showcase your knowledge in the Laravel framework.

Ahilan SM

Ahilan SM

Ahilan is a Product Associate at DCKAP and holds Laravel Developer Certification. Being a passionate Laravel certified developer he handles the complete spectrum of QA Touch development, usability, and support. Ahilan is so ambitious about community development and actively takes a part in them. In addition to being an active member of the Laravel Community, he leads the Chennai Laravel Meetup events. He is keen and proud to serve the Community.

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