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Life at Seeroo

August 22, 2023

When QA Touch visited one of the valuable community users, Seeroo,” we realized that they don’t work; they just express themselves. It’s all very inventive and creative out there. You are constantly inspired and motivated to achieve your creative best in this serene and fun-filled environment. It’s nothing short of a second home for all of them. They are all part of a large, fun-loving family where success is always rewarded. They live here, have fun, laugh, go out, play, and celebrate, but the work is always done. Seeroo has become a way of life for all of them; work culture is our legacy Says Indran from Seeroo

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Story of Seeroo

SEEROO IT SOLUTIONS (SEEROO) was founded in 2007. They expanded with associate offices in the United States and the Middle East, with the main corporate office in Cochin. SEEROO is dedicated to the development of high-quality IT solutions that meet international standards while remaining affordable for domestic and international markets.

Your company needs a refined digital structure designed by digital world experts to ensure professional excellence. An unmatched digital solution, SEEROO is equipped with cutting-edge technology, knowledgeable experts, time efficiency, dedication, and flawless innovation. We create custom digital solutions to satisfy customers and advance businesses. joining forces with SEEROO. 

What Values Do They Foster?

  • Seeroo is a reality-builder, planning clients’ success with the most cutting-edge tools and support available. By cultivating a global clientele based on assurance and trust, Seeroo hopes to prosper in the IT services offered to business ventures.
  • Seeroo’s mission is to offer cutting-edge IT solutions and support the development of all business models to ensure long-term success. Seeroo’s goal is to combine IT management, software design and development, data analytics, workflow optimization, and cybersecurity with IT consulting.
  • Excellence is valued highly. innovation that values originality and creativity. fostering diverse ideologies while keeping the client at the forefront through teamwork.the highest level of customer satisfaction and dedication that goes above and beyond.

Seeroo clients


How Did They Start?

It takes a lot of work to build great businesses and create ground-breaking products. As the romance of entrepreneurship gives way to reality, there are many more failures than widely publicized success stories. Let’s examine the truth behind a business dream. There will be ups and downs, struggles and setbacks, losses, and eventually gains. Starting a business is a complex process. A business success story is by no means a fairytale. But it’s definitely worth it.

An effective selling point for a company is a compelling entrepreneur story. You must therefore be conscious of your own. Start off by providing an answer to the query, “Why do you want to be an entrepreneur?” You can get ideas from other startup success stories. Here are a few causes for starting a business:

  • Seeroo launched in 2007 with a four-person team in a rented building in Kochi. SEEROO has been driven for greatness ever since their humble journey, which started in 2007 with four ambitious members in a rented building in Kochi.
  • Moved to a facility owned by the Kerala Government Infopark in 2008. They entered the prestigious Infopark building, which is owned by the Keralan government, in 2008, solidifying our position in the thriving technology hub.
  • They registered the business as a private limited company in 2008. Their unwavering dedication to development and professionalism led them to register as a private limited company the following year.
  • P-Square Solutions, USA, joined SEEROO as an associate in 2009. They welcomed P-SQUARE Solutions in the USA as a respected associate in 2009, which helped them soar to new heights.
  • They introduced YEZ Studio, a new design division, in 2012. They unveiled YEZ Studio, a proud artistic wing, in 2012 with a keen eye on the demand for captivating design.
  • In 2013, they shifted to a more tranquil, greener campus close to the city. By 2013, we had embraced the peace of a green campus close to the city, which served as a hub for limitless innovation and creativity.
  • In 2017, they began in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, where they have offices worldwide.
  • They proudly opened the prestigious office in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, in 2017, expanding their global reach and marking a significant turning point in their journey. With solid expertise, fostering worthwhile partnerships, and creating exceptional digital solutions for all of their dependable clients, each step they take brings them closer to excellence.

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QA Touch and Seeroo

Rather than using a Test case management tool, Seeroo is focused on managing the project using JIRA, says Reeba Alex, Test Engineer from Seeroo. She uses JIRA as a main tracking option rather than big hunting. The main requirement was actually to share the report, and by using our Shareale Report option they were able to share it among the clients.

During the Campus Visit

Indran gave us an office tour while Deepthi was in a Scrum meeting.  In the meantime, I sat over Durbar Hall and enjoyed the serenity of the area.  Campus amidst an Old age home gave me a bit of sadness for future reminders.

Seeroo campus

Indran, in my other thoughts, was open to the styled photoshoot which we took.

Seeroo officeThe fruitful meeting comes to an end by clicking on the individual photographs of Seeroo members. With a sad production face, Felis Na Vidad with Seeroo.

Inshallah, till the next time we meet,

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