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Spectacular Arrival of Revamped Selenium IDE

December 26, 2018
Revamped Selenium IDE

“Suffering can lead to transformation. And redemption. And marvelous mystery.” — Dr. Allen Hunt

It’s been a talk in the automation industry that Selenium IDE was dead and buried after the release of Firefox 55, now everything changed upside down after the release of revamped Selenium IDE. The earlier version it is not compatible with the latest firefox browser version and also it was not updated to fill the gaps for the unknown problems in the testing industry.

Applitools has rewritten it and they come up with all new Selenium IDE by incorporating the code from some of old Selenium IDE as well as part of Sidexx code. 


Attractions in New Selenium IDE

The new Selenium IDE is an Extension for Firefox and Chrome.

Here is the list of features available in remodeled Selenium IDE:

1. Fallback Locators

Previously in IDE, the given locator will search for the element, if it didn’t found any matched element the test run changes to failed status. But in enriched Selenium IDE, it will automatically go through all the locators till finding that element.  This makes our test a lot reliable.

2. Control Flow

In older version of IDE, there is no way to handle conditional loops like if-else conditions. For example: if there is a test condition like If this value is present in the field, click submit otherwise end the test. This kind of conditions can be achieved easily in the new Selenium IDE by adding an ‘if’ condition to the script.



3. Right Click Menu Option

A new feature is added to the right menu as “Selenium IDE”, through which you can easily add actions like Verify Text, Verify Title, Assert Text, Assert Title etc., Just by right-clicking on the page and adding it to the script.

4. Capturing All Locators

In some scenarios, the primary locator may fail. At that time we cannot do anything with the old Selenium IDE. But in new Selenium IDE, it captures all the other locators and you can change it manually whenever required.

Capturing All Locators

5. Selenium Side Runner

It is a command line runner. It supports

  • Parallel Execution.
  • Base URL for multiple deployments.
  • Grid Execution.
  • Configurable through Capabilities

How to install Selenium Side Runner

  • Install npm module by running the below command:

                 npm install -g selenium-side-runner

  • Configure chromedriver or geckodriver path in environment variables.


6. Synchronization/Waits

In some scenarios, some elements may not be available or visible. So, most of the time test may take time to run or may fail randomly. In the latest version, it automatically adds those waits(Implicit wait/Explicit wait), Once when you play back the scripts, it automatically knows to wait for.


Initially, I have started my career as Manual Functional Tester and over the period I want to add automation to my skill set. These stunning features of new Selenium IDE inspired me in developing my automation skill set. I have started to learn Selenium and trying to build my own custom scripts. The folks in the testing industry were telling Selenium IDE  was boon to testers who have minimal coding skills. The latest Selenium IDE will definitely help me in building my automation scripting ability.

These new features and enhancements are proving that the new Selenium IDE will be the best Record and playback tool that we ever going to use. At this time we are very thankful to AppliTools team who gave rebirth to Selenium IDE and helps people who are not well in writing the code. So what you are waiting for go and try the new Selenium IDE which perfectly suits and works well for any use cases.

Selenium IDE is a roadmap for Selenium 4.0????? Please comment your thoughts.



Supported Tool:

  1. Bandicam – Screen Recorder

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