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TestRail Alternatives

July 11, 2023
TestRail Alternatives

Five Best TestRail Alternatives

Here are the five best TestRail alternatives we tried. We have picked a handful of Test management tools and listed their capabilities in detail. 

 We have personally tested out these substitute programs to turn them into an interactive experience rather than a dry one. As a result, everything we discuss in this article will be based on personal experience using these TestRail substitutes. By the end of this discussion, we hope to have provided you with a variety of test management options.

Tricentis qTest

qTest is scalable test management. To centralize testing and organize quickly.

It is a test management solution developed for agile development.

Tricentis qTest is a powerful test management solution with Seamless Third Party and API integrations

Tricentis qTest has automatic linking between Requirements, Cases, Results, and Defects and also facilitates testing using Custom fields and custom user permissions.

Tricentis qTest


TestCollab is a Saas-based Test management tool that offers Integration with popular bug trackers like JIRA, Mantis, TFS, Trello, and Redmine. It also has Two-way integration with JIRA and Redmine. TestCollab makes testing more comfortable with more advanced features

TestCollab is integrated with the most popular bug trackers like JIRA, Mantis, TFS, Trello, and Redmine for a seamless experience. It also has 2-way integration with JIRA and Redmine.



PractiTest is a cloud-based test management tool. This saas tool offers an end to end Test management for both manual and automated testing. It seamlessly integrates manual testing with automation and Continuous Integration CI processes and facilitates project development teams to streamline and manage their testing processes with less effort.

Practitest offers attractive features like easy customization, smart filters, and User permissions for each project for making testing better and easier. 



Test Lodge is an online test case management tool Integrated with 20 leading issue-tracking tools including Jira, Trello, and Bugzilla. This allows you to manage your test plans, test cases & test runs with ease. Some vital features include API, Bug Tracking, and Support for Parallel Execution. TestLodge offers 4 different pricing models with a 30-day free trial.

Test Lodge has 20+ Integrations with leading bug-tracking tools and also supports parallel execution, a Customizable dashboard, and reporting.


QA Touch

QA Touch is a test case management solution that revolutionizes QA processes. The QA Touch has more attractive features

In-built bug tracking, Requirement management, and Agile Boards. Audit Log, Mind Map, and Reports. QA touch offers hand full functionalities like User-friendly Intuitive UI with both light and dark themes. 

QA Touch has economical monthly plans and Annual plans with added advantages. Thus, you can produce top-notch results and high-quality products in a short amount of time and in a cost-effective manner.

QA Touch

Why is QA Touch the Best Alternative for TestRail? –

QA Touch Vs Test Rail Comparison



Test Rail   QA Touch


Starts from $37 / per user

Free – $0

Startup  – $39 / 10 users

Professional – $139 / 30 users

Free plan




In-built Requirements

No Yes

In-built Bug tracking

No Yes


No Yes

Built-in Timesheet

No Yes

Built-in Agile Boards

No Yes

Slack Integration

No Yes

Jira Two-Way Integration


(Jira Basic Feature available for Free)

Automation Integration Yes Yes

The use of software test management tools guarantees that a piece of software will function properly on all operating systems, real-time devices, and other platforms. As a result, one should pick a tool that will deliver reliable results and leave room for future adjustments.

As a result, we suggest QA Touch for more integration options. For those who will struggle to pick up the pace, the QA Touch user interface and workflow environment are simple.


1. Why is QA Touch the best alternative for TestRail?

QA Touch is very much similar to TestRail, with more user-friendly features. QA Touch has versatile features like Inbuilt Requirements, Inbuilt Bug tracking, Mindmap, Built-in Agile Boards, and Slack Integration. QA Touch has three pricing plans suitable for all sizes of teams and it also provides a free version to try out.

2. What is TestRail?

TestRail is a web-based test management tool. It provides an interface to organize test assets like test suites, test cases, and test runs. This tool used to track, organize and manage software testing efforts

3. What are some alternatives to TestRail?

Some alternatives to TestRail are Tricentis qTest, TestCollab, Practitest, TestLodge, and QA Touch.

4. List some free TestRail alternatives.

The free alternative for TestRail is TestLink. TestLink is an open-source test management tool. This platform offers support for test cases, test suites, test plans, and user management

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