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Things You Should Know About Test Management Plan in 2021

December 2, 2021

In the hustle of Testing a sort out Test management plan, can be of great help to both Developers and Testers. There are different ways one can do it to better testing and the quality. This is straight down simple before you put anything to practice you first do the planning be it orthodox, strategic or tech proof, or more. Coming to the basics Test Management is a futuristic process of maintaining all your test activities to produce the best quality of products possible. And also to secure the brand name and image positively in the market. This whole process comprises organizing, controlling, traceability, and transparency of the testing. So, the team can focus on the very important aspect called Quality and make the product work like super good.

Let’s begin with an example, if you are appointed as a Test Manager for a new/very prominent project, probably this is where you need to begin from. You have to take initiative to secure all the activities that are involved in the practice of good Test Management. Well, it consists of a whole bunch of activities it’s never a stand-alone single activity. Let’s discuss what are they and why are they this potent in testing.

Test Management Phases

This article is a small brief on the Test Management Process and the series of activities that are involved in it in each phase. Continue further to learn more details about it.

There are two main parts of the Test Management plan Process:


  • Risk Analysis
  • Test Estimation
  • Test Planning
  • Test Organization


  • Test Monitoring and Control
  • Issue Management
  • Test Report and Evaluation
  • Planning
  • Risk Analysis and Solution

Risk Analysis:

Risk is an unfortunate, uncertainty that can potentially arise with or without (unidentified issue) a particular reason in testing and from testing activities. And the business has to be enough prepared and skilled to undo and redo it immediately.
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Where comes the factor of Risk Analysis, it is the first step before you get started with anything as a Test Manager. With that responsibility in hand if you sit with your team and analyze all the risks and risk factors, identity them, and possibly find a solution to it could be a great beginning. Because you can end up saving a ton of money for the project and to the company as well.

Test Estimation

Test Estimation in general is an estimating or predicting or forecasting of how long the project will go on and go live. This is indeed a very important step because you also calculating the amount of effort that you are going to put into the project.

Advantage of correct estimation:

Well, if you can accurately estimate the time it would lead to even better planning, execution, and monitoring of different tasks under your attention as a Test Manager.

It can also help you in scheduling your tasks and aid you to produce the results more confidently.

Test Planning

In very general and simple terms a Test Plan can be described as a document that contains the scope, approach, resources, and schedule that are intended to be put into practice in testing activities.

A project can suffer from failure or a great loss without a good Test Plan. Test planning is very important in the case of massive software system development.

Especially in software testing, a test plan provides razor-sharp information pertaining upcoming testing efforts and that includes:

  • Test Strategy
  • Test Objective
  • Exit /Suspension Criteria
  • Resource Planning
  • Test Deliverables

An overview of what is Test Organization in Software Testing?

Test organization in Software Testing is a process of describing the roles in the Testing process. It specifies who is going to be responsible for which activities in the Testing process. All Test functions, facilities, and activities are also fully defined in this process. The abilities and expertise of the individuals involved are also specified in the same process.

Great! Now you have a wonderful plan in your hands but the real question is how will you execute it to the full potential of it? The test Organization phase is the answer.

As a manager, you need to organize an efficient Testing team in a place. You should look forward to gathering a team of fully skilled people to make the whole process work out and produce the best results of quality.

Test Monitoring and Control

At times you miss the schedules, at times you lack resources and what would you do at that time? That’s the reason why it is super important to monitor and control all your testing activities to bring them back on track.

Test Monitoring and Control is a procedure of supervising all the necessary metrics and making sure that the project runs smoothly, on time, and runs within the set budget.

To Monitor, the Test Manager does the following activities

Describe the project goals and objectives or project performance standards
You observe everything closely like project performance and compares the reality with the expected or planned performance or expectations.
Record and report all the issues or bugs that occur in the project.


Project Controlling is a method of utilizing the data from monitoring the activities and bringing actual performance to the planned performance.

At this step, the project manager/test manager takes the required actions to correct all the deviations from the plan. At times the test plan is to be conducted/adjusted according to the apparent situation of the project.

Issue Management

As discussed above that there could be potential risks and uncertainties and the businesses have to be ready for managing them. This topic addresses the issue management factor of the test management system.

Here are some examples of uncertainties that may arise in a certain project:

What if the company cuts down your project budget?
What if the project lacks team bandwidth or lacks the skills to complete a project?
What if the project schedule is too tight for your team to finish the project at the deadline?

Risk to be avoided while testing:

  • Missing the deadline
  • Overly exceed the project budget
  • Lose the customer’s trust and faith in the project

If any one of the above-mentioned risks arises you have to smartly tackle the situation if not the whole project can get affected by proof risk management.

Test Report & Evaluation

Now that the project is successfully done you have to record all the highs and lows moments of the project to document it for future reference.

The core purpose of the Test Evaluation Reports is:

“Test Evaluation Report” defines the results of the Testing in terms of Test coverage and exit criteria. The data recorded in Test Evaluation are based on the test results data and test result in summary. More interesting blogs are coming your way every Tuesday! And further, if you like the type of content you are reading, be sure to subscribe to our QA Touch blog posts for more interesting content. We create and send so much Testing joy to your inbox without making a noise. Also, give us a thumbs-up on social media, where we do all the fun and exciting content on Testing and Tech.

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