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Thought Leader’s Perspective – Learn from Nicolás Bruna

October 8, 2019
Thought Leader Series - Nicolas Bruna

Image - Nicolas Bruna

Nicolás Bruna

Product Manager


Nicolás Bruna, Product Manager at Smartfense has a range of experience from a researcher turned into Product Manager. He has done a few courses in Cybersecurity and other interpersonal communication.

How did you get into IT and can you share insights on your early days in your career?

Personally, I studied Information Systems Engineering. This career opened the door to the IT world. Before my graduation, there were a lot of opportunities to work in several enterprises. In my case, I preferred to work independently in software development. Once you start moving into the IT world, there are a lot of opportunities that never ends.
QA Touch

What does your typical day look like as a Product Manager?

I make a lot of activities in my working days. All of them are related to the product I am responsible for. Among them, we have:

    • Backlog refinement
    • Stakeholder management
    • Value measurement
    • Release planning
    • Process management

Can you give us a brief about Smartfense, its Products, and Services?

SMARTFENSE is the training and awareness platform of information security that develops safe habits for end users.
To achieve it, it includes:

  • Assessment tools
    • Phishing and Malware Simulation (including Ransomware)
    • Exams
    • Surveys
  • Education and Reinforcement Tools
    • Training Interactive Modules
    • Awareness Newsletters
    • External training management
  • Audit and compliance tools
    • Automatic tracking of activities per user
    • Management and system activities logs
    • Tracking and management of regulatory coverage
  • Measurement tools
    • Management and correlation reports
    • Risk scoring
  • Scheduling tools
    • Activities programmer
    • Planning assistant

You have played a variety of roles starting from a researcher to Product Manager. Can you share some insights on this?

To be a Product Manager you have to have a deep understanding of the product. For that reason, you have to start with the basics and expend some time using and researching the product to gather all the knowledge you can about it, but that is only the beginning. As a matter of fact, working with an IT product is a continuous process of learning and evolution, for oneself and the product.

Things are changing rapidly in the IT industry. Who are some people you follow/look up to?

Well, that is a hard one. In our company, we have a lot of people with different profiles and knowledge. Each of us follows different people. In my case, I follow the SCRUM creators and some excellent SCRUM professionals who share really interesting insights about their experiences. Also, I follow some Security Information professionals because SMARTFENSE is a company that belongs to this world.

Can you share your wisdom of thoughts to the aspiring quality assurance professionals about Security Testing?

We can only talk about thoughts :). Security Testing is one of the most important professions in the IT world.
In this time, when apps live with people in their day by day, there is a really important concern which is the secure use of these apps. It is mandatory to have professionals who look for the security of the applications we use and help us to have a secure digital life.

What products/apps/services do you use on a regular basis?

In my job inside our company, I mainly use product management tools. This includes Github, QA Touch, and Heroku to list some of them.

Thank you for the opportunity to present me to the community.

Thank you, Nicolás! You inspire us to do better.

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