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Global Tester’s Day 2021

Aug 9, 2021 – Sep 9, 2021

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Why you should join the Global Tester’s Day 2021

We can’t imagine a world without Testers. That’s how awesome you are! Your efforts keep us going, take us places, keep us connected, and whatnot. And so we are going global to celebrate your mammoth joy.

It’s time to take the front seat and drive to the biggest party of the year right at where you are. Everything is prepped and sizzled just for you. Enjoy the awesomeness of Testing by taking part in our Global Tester’s Day event. Pick a contest that excites you. Go big, execute the best of your creativity, and make it a proud moment of being awesome. We’ll make it a lifetime experience that you’ll never forget. Listen to what we have got for you on the table…

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The QA Studio

Every experience, be it a journey, success, milestone, failure, and a lot, has one thing in common, learning. It’s an eternal journey with no end. Put no breaks to stop it! We are looking towards a brighter tomorrow with plenty of skillful Testers and rock-solid technology. This Global Tester’s Day event is yet another platform to make your learning prosperous. We bring you the best speakers from the Testing community to teach you tech and trends. Don’t miss this out.

Selenium with Robot Framework

Kushan 1

Kushan Amarasiri

Associate Technical Specialist QA

On August 18, 2021 @ 9.30 AM EST

Writing Cypress Tests without Cucumber

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Walmyr Filho

Instructor and Founder
@Talking About Testing

On September 02, 2021 @ 10.00 AM EST

My Upside Down QA Stories

Experience is a treasure! But, it’s always an adrenaline rush when difficulty arrives, and you are in charge. We believe you have an inspiring upside down story that can empower many Testers. Think about it; you can be someone’s savior, teacher, and more. Learn more about the guidelines

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Quiz Masters

Hello, Masterminds! Love quizzes that test your genuine knowledge. Maybe perhaps you are too scared to try it; what say? Just go for it, besties! It will help you grow. Join the Quiz Masters race with thousands of other testers to be your true best.

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Chain of Thoughts

Problem Solving is one gorgeous ability of a good Tester! Brainstorming your ideas with a mindmap is the best way to chain your thoughts. If you agree, then we’ll give you a problem. Nothing crazy. You’ll have to come up with a blowing solution with a Mind Map, simple. Read more for the game instructions.

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Global Testers Day 2021 Registration


The world is a huge fan of writers (all kinds)! This is the moment, you guys. Bring your passion into the flashlight. Your call, select your favorite topic from the given list and write on it. We’ll publish, promote and pick the best blogs every week.

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All About The Workshop

Even the best-laid plans go astray. That’s why we need TIME and smart work. Automation is one smart step that small to big organizations are taking to strengthen their gravity and scope of Testing. That sounds like a plan, right? And quality is the inevitable gift offered in return. Sure you want it too! How and how exactly are they doing it right? Don’t wait, wondering for long?

Our Global Tester’s Day brought to you a remarkable workshop covering “Selenium with Robot Framework” hosted by Kushan Shalindra Amarasiri on August 18 at 9.30 AM EST. Register now and get ready to learn so many amazing techs and Testing things at our QA Studio.

Hurry up. Time is money!

Here's what you'll takeaway from the session: 

  1. Learn about Robot Framework
  2. Learn about Test Automation
  3. Learn about Selenium Test Automation Tool
  4. Using Selenium with Robot Framework

Author Of The Workshop

I always strive to be a QA evangelist backed by emerging technologies, QA processes, concepts, and tools. I am an active member/speaker at MeetUps. I have trained a large number of IT professionals from leading tech firms, including Pearson, Virtusa, Eyepax, etc. A quality-focused IT professional with more than 10 years of technical experience. I am a lifelong learner who would like to share the synergy with my colleagues and the community.


All About The Workshop

No other person knows better than you how vital a Test Case is! The whole process of Software Testing can either go haywire or great in a matter of flash. But the real question here is, how effectively are you writing and maintaining them?

Just alright? Or good? Really better? Hey, Test Cases are like pillars of strength in your Testing. Perhaps you want to know the best way to write them perfectly. Good news! Now you can. Our Global Fest is the venue, and you are invited.

Join our QA Studio with our industry expert, the amazing Walmyr Filho (Instructor and Founder @Talking About Testing), from Testing Community on the 2nd of September, 2021 @ 10 AM EST. He’ll walk you through his impeccable presentation and experience on ‘Writing Cypress tests using the keywords Given/When/Then without Cucumber.’

Hurry up, folks! You don’t want to miss this.

Some Key Takeaways From The Workshop For You:

  1. How to benefit from Cucumber concepts without the overhead of configuring it
  2. How to write tests that developers can maintain
  3. How to use the right abstractions in testing automation
  4. How to use a modern testing tool such as Cypress for writing robust, readable, and maintainable end-to-end tests.

Author Of The Workshop

Hi, I’m Walmyr Filho. I’m a software engineer that loves testing. I’m also a clean coder, blogger, YouTuber, writer, online teacher, mentor, consultant, speaker, an active member of the testing automation and JavaScript communities, and a fan of good music, tattoos, and skateboarding.

Share My Upsidedown Stories

Buddy, do you know how much the world loves real stories with adventures?

True stories inspire so much that our spirits become lit. Testers are heroic in their own ways, and we stand by that point. And so we want to know your story. Ready to make the whole world listen to your adventures on our ‘Global Testers Fest’?


Here is how you can be a star…

Make a video of your nail-biting QA experiences. Just answer the below questions to make it more insightful and interesting for all.

  1. As a Beginner, the bug that you missed and how it changed or made you strong as a Tester?
  2. Talk about the time when you found the Most Expensive bug ever and Reported it at the right time.
  3. Do you believe all can do Testing? Satisfy your comment with a strong reason.
  4. What is the Future of Testers Beyond Automation?
  5. What is the current technology that all Testers should be aware of?

Video Guidelines:

  1. No use of inappropriate language or words.
  2. Make sure your words don’t hurt someone’s sentiments or emotions.

Note: You can submit your final work at events@qatouch.com


Hey Tech Storytellers!

Here is your chance. Pen your opinions and robust knowledge on Testing. Send us your best piece. So, we can make you and your writings popular. What can you write on and where should you send it? Keep reading to know more.

Topics for the Blogothan Contest (Technical)

  1. How did your transform your QA/Testing journey? Time to make your story evergreen.
  2. How can we leverage AI for testing?
  3. Agile & DevOps
  4. IoT Test Automation
  5. Shift Left Testing
  6. API & Webservices Testing

Guidelines and Instructions

  1. Plagiarism <10%.
  2. Not less than 1000 words.
  3. No use of ‘slang’ or inappropriate language.
  4. You have the freedom to write multiple blogs if you want.
  5. It shouldn’t be a published piece and shouldn’t be published anywhere afterward.
  6. The blog will be published within a week of submission.

Note: You can submit your final work at events@qatouch.com

Chain Of Thoughts

Hey, Testers! So happy to see you come a long way.

And here you go, this is what you have to build with all your amazing learnings. Ready?

1. Mindmap on Responsive Testing:

Design a MindMap on Responsive Testing test strategy to be applied to the Mobile Application (Sample app: Messaging App like Whatsapp, Messenger). When you build the test strategy considering various parameters like version, OS environment, browsers, etc., that need to be verified in a mobile app, visualize it as a mindmap.

2. Mindmap on Security Testing:

Consider the workflows like the Authentication, Vulnerability validations, Scripting, session, etc., on different modules of an eCommerce site like Login, Forgot Password, Payment Gateway, My Account, etc. How will you build the test strategy and visualize it as a mindmap?

3. Mindmap on Performance Testing:

Build a MindMap on the Test Strategy for Performance Testing of web applications. Keep the aspects Performance Metrics, Tools that can be used, testing approaches, etc., for auditing the performance of a web application when you visualize it as a mindmap.


1. MindMap should solely fall on the topic that is chosen.
2. MindMap should be unique, i.e., plagiarism-free.
3. Can use any Tool to Create a MindMap but should be uploaded in .png or .pdf format.
4. Incorporate Any New Ideas and thoughts in MindMap depending on the topic chosen.
5. The mindmap should be uploaded in .png or .pdf format.

Note: You can submit your final work at events@qatouch.com