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Global Tester’s Day 2021

Aug 9, 2021 – Sep 9, 2021

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Why you should join the Global Tester’s Day 2021

We can’t imagine a world without Testers. That’s how awesome you are! Your efforts keep us going, take us places, keep us connected, and whatnot. And so we are going global to celebrate your mammoth joy.

It’s time to take the front seat and drive to the biggest party of the year right at where you are. Everything is prepped and sizzled just for you. Enjoy the awesomeness of Testing by taking part in our Global Tester’s Day event. Pick a contest that excites you. Go big, execute the best of your creativity, and make it a proud moment of being awesome. We’ll make it a lifetime experience that you’ll never forget. Listen to what we have got for you on the table…

The QA Studio

Every experience, be it a journey, success, milestone, failure, and a lot, has one thing in common, learning. It’s an eternal journey with no end. Put no breaks to stop it! We are looking towards a brighter tomorrow with plenty of skillful Testers and rock-solid technology. This Global Tester’s Day event is yet another platform to make your learning prosperous. We bring you the best speakers from the Testing community to teach you tech and trends. Don’t miss this out.

Selenium with Robot Framework

Kushan Amarasiri

Associate Technical Specialist QA

On August 18, 2021 @ 9.30 AM EST

Writing Cypress Tests without Cucumber

Walmyr Filho

Instructor and Founder
@Talking About Testing

On September 02, 2021 @ 10.00 AM EST

My Upside Down QA Stories

Experience is a treasure! But, it’s always an adrenaline rush when difficulty arrives, and you are in charge. We believe you have an inspiring upside down story that can empower many Testers. Think about it; you can be someone’s savior, teacher, and more. Learn more about the guidelines

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Quiz Masters

Hello, Masterminds! Love quizzes that test your genuine knowledge. Maybe perhaps you are too scared to try it; what say? Just go for it, besties! It will help you grow. Join the Quiz Masters race with thousands of other testers to be your true best.

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Chain of Thoughts

Problem Solving is one gorgeous ability of a good Tester! Brainstorming your ideas with a mindmap is the best way to chain your thoughts. If you agree, then we’ll give you a problem. Nothing crazy. You’ll have to come up with a blowing solution with a Mind Map, simple. Read more for the game instructions.

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The world is a huge fan of writers (all kinds)! This is the moment, you guys. Bring your passion into the flashlight. Your call, select your favorite topic from the given list and write on it. We’ll publish, promote and pick the best blogs every week.

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