Get To Know About Accessibility

MAY 12, 2021 – 10.00 AM EST

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Erin Hess qa

Erin Hess

(Graphic designer and Self-taught coder) 

Erin Hess started her career as a graphic designer before becoming a self-taught coder who developed a love for software testing. Throughout her journey, she has championed accessibility and continuously contributes resource materials to ever-growing online testing communities. Erin also helps organizations adopt and implement inclusive design practices by creating and spreading awareness as well as developing solutions to universal usability barriers. In her spare time, Erin attends and co-organizes a wide variety of meetings on multiple platforms. Topics include Accessibility, Agile, QA/Testing and Automation, Gaming, and Development. Find her on Twitter (@QueenTester), where she shares accessibility-related content, testing techniques, her spoiled cats, and unbridled enthusiasm for inclusivity and neurodiversity in the tech industry.

Technology is a great asset, they say. And, the best thing about it, it’s for all. Accessibility makes it possible for us to make our innovation approachable for everyone. Indeed very much. But, is Accessibility a big deal? Yes and no both. Can you achieve it? Of course, 100%.

Design and accessibility in technology are huge quality factors that you can’t simply ignore, and perhaps you should focus more. Now, does Accessibility Testing matter? It truly does, regardless of who you are (except if you are someone with nill online presence), what you do, and your audience. That being said, proper awareness is quintessential.

To do our best for inclusivity and better technology for all of us, QA Masterclass is coming up with a new webinar, ‘Get to know about Accessibility With Erin Hess (Graphic Designer and Self-taught QA Coder).’

Key takeaways from the session:

  • An Introduction to Accessibility
  • What accessibility is, why it matters, and how you can bring awareness to your teams
  • Some ways to test for accessibility (different methods, ADA levels, what WCAG is, some tools to use)
  • Tools and resources available to everyone, and how to test accessibility
  • Follow up/continue the conversation – social media plugs and what communities to connect

Show Notes

7.47 – What is Accessibility?
9.25 – Web Content Accessibility Guidelines
9.53 – POUR (Perceivable, Operable, Understandable, and Robust)
10.04 – Explanation on Perceivable
10.33 – Explanation on Operable
11.13 – Explanation on Understandable
11.40 – Explanation on Robust
12.42 – 3 Levels of Accessibility Compliance
13.04 – A : Essential
13.35 – AA : Ideal Support
13.50 – AAA : Specialized
14.17 – Testing Tools And Resources
15.15 – Axe Devtools (Free Accessibility Browser Extention)
17.06 – Testing with WAVE
18.25 – NVDA (Non Visual Desktop Access)
20.07 – An Empathy Lesson
22.44 – Try the Game to yourself
26.56 – Learn and Share in these great Testing Communities
27.58 – How can you explain the importance of Accessibility to be added to the project?
30.19 – What are the myths of Software Testing in Accessibility?
32.22 – What are kinds of Accessibility are considered absolutely mandatory?