Agile is a time-bound iterative approach to software development. The project/product is built incrementally and delivered in short releases, while the requirements are split as user stories and given in 1 to 4 weeks.

Agile Testing Methodology


  • Understand business requirements
  • Identify any gaps in the requirements and provide feedback
  • Collaborate with the design & development team
  • Define test strategy
  • Prepare test cases and get it reviewed with stakeholders of the project
  • Do test execution of new requirements for the release
  • Do regression testing to ensure the application does not break in any other place or workflow
  • Automate regression testing scenarios to save testing time
  • Sign off the release

The below mind map shows the overview of Agile Testing workflow:

Agile Testing Mind map

Now, we are going to see Agile Testing with an example:

In an Online Store, a new payment method Paypal is introduced along with the existing payment methods like Credit/Debit cards. To test this for the release, the scenarios are prepared. First, the new feature Paypal option is checked with written scenarios.  After completion of testing the new feature, we need to test the debit card as well as credit card payment methods as part of regression testing the release.

The below mind map shows the snapshot of testing of the new feature introduction as well as the existing features:

Agile Testing with New and Old Features

Agile Testing Challenges


In Agile, the delivery cycle is short, and the tester needs to deliver quality software in a short period. Here are the few challenges which might come across:

  • Changing requirements at last hour
  • Communication between teams
  • Short timeline for testing
  • Technical Skills/ Test Automation

Agile Testing Tips


Below are few tips to handle the Agile Testing in an efficient way from Janet Gregory and Lisa Crispin.


  • Self Organize
  • Deliver value to the customer
  • Have face-to-face communication
  • Respond to Change
  • Provide continuous feedback
  • Keep it simple
  • Update technical knowledge

I hope this blog helps to know more about Agile testing, challenges face and tips to overcome those while testing.

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