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How To Use A Test Management Tool To Efficiency Help Your Testing Process

December 3, 2019
Test Management Tool - How To Use

Testing is the core component of the software development lifecycle. Identifying technical issues and preventing errors in the software is the major responsibility of the testing team in a testing process.

There are three aspects which need to be fulfilled during the testing process


Test Planning is the first step in the testing process. In this phase, the requirements analysis, review and prepare a high-level plan to do the testing activities. In this phase, the types of testing that need to be conducted, required resources, and schedule for testing.


Establishing effective communication across the teams and to illustrate the progress made by the QA Teams is always crucial, without which the project team can drive in different directions. Hence, communication is key among the teams.


During the Testing process, they might be an exorbitant amount of things that need to be taken care of which needs to be documented well for future references. So that QA Teams can look back and check if they have not missed anything during the test execution.
QA Touch
To achieve the above-said aspects we need to make use of the right tool(s), which makes the Testing process more manageable for the Testing Teams. The tool will save time and give a clear high-level picture of the product/project’s delivery status.

Project Delivery Status

Introducing Test Management tools to QA Teams will make the testing process easier and reduce the pain points of the QA Teams. Most of the Test Management tools provide end to end coverage for the testing process from requirements to automation testing.

Test Management tools can be used to track the progress of the QA Teams during software development. Most of the time, QA’s are under-valued but, with the help of Test Management tools, the complete team can see the efforts behind the testing process put by the QA Teams.

Here is the list of ways in which QA Teams can use Test Management Tools effectively

Effectual Test Cases

Test management tools provide QA Teams with lots of flexible choices while creating Test Cases with different templates. They can write n number of test cases for the requirements, But what is the important point that needs to be considered is to identify and write effective test cases that cover the core business scenarios and workflows.

While writing test cases, it should be created as modular so that it can be reused in similar projects.


All effective testing tool is comprised of excellent reporting as it is vital for obtaining a birds-eye view of the on-going projects. It is a constructive way of tracking the progress of the projects and the lagging areas can be easily identified. Test Management tools provide QA Teams a convenient way to share these reports to BA, project managers.

Leveraging Integrations

Apart from providing in-built bug trackers one of the prominent functionalities provided by Test Management tools is integration. Organizations can have their preferences to which QA Teams can post identified bugs directly to the platform of their choice. One of the vital things here is that it reduces the time as QA Teams don’t switch apps during the testing process.

Test Run Executions

Test Management tools provide traits to keep track of the Test Run status. QA Teams can leverage this functionality to effortlessly identify, classify software areas that are prone to defects.

Usage Analysis

We can take advantage of the Summary Analysis in Test Management Tools to analyze the usage and time spent by QA Teams in each of the projects. Using the Summary Analysis features provided by Test Management Tools we can improve the quality of the testing process by the QA Teams.


With the expanding adoption of agile methods, there is a need for more comprehensive collaboration among developers, product owners, Business Analysts, and QA Teams. The test management tool allows the different departments of an organization in a project to coordinate and communicate with ease.

We hope this blog has helped you to understand the testing process better and how to use Test Management tools effectively to increase the results of the testing process to make it easier for QA Teams.

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