Why You Need Cloud Test Management Add-on For JIRA

March 9, 2018

Every software development needs a solid test management process to be followed, which in turn urges the need for robust and intuitive test management tool.

In initial stages of the testing process, it will be an easier solution to adapt to spreadsheets to manage test cases and execution. When the project grows eventually test cases count will increase.Then it will be critical to manage and track the testing activities in spreadsheets.

To tackle this we need a robust test management tool which can be used alongside with your project management tool. If you go for a stand-alone test management solution, you need to invest in user training and in turn, it consumes time.

What is the solution?

Here comes the JIRA -QA Touch plugin which is available in Atlassian Marketplace for the teams using JIRA as their project management solution. Along with the JIRA functionality, you can extend and manage your testing activities inside JIRA with the help of this plugin.

Here is the list of some dedicated cloud plugins for JIRA

QA Touch (Free Cloud JIRA add-on)

QA Touch is a test case management solution with simplest and easy to understand UI.With the help of QA Touch-JIRA cloud add on, you can create and manage test cases, test runs, and issues in QA Touch without navigating from JIRA. Whenever a test fails, the issue can be created and linked with JIRA projects. For all these, you need to have an account in QA Touch.QA Touch -JIRA cloud plugin is available as free in Atlassian Marketplace

Test flo

Testflo covers end to end testing process within JIRA tool and makes it easier to manage the test cases


Zephyr for JIRA which is a great test management add-on that integrates well with JIRA.


By using Practitest, you can create, execute and manage test cases and reports the defects directly in JIRA. This plugin is free.


The TestRail JIRA plugin allows you to create issues directly in JIRA, view the test results and generate reports

Test Collab

Test Collab offers issue manager integration with JIRA.You can link as many test cases as you want with an issue and manage them right here in Jira.


TestLodge is a Test Case management tool, it enables you to manage your test plans, test case, and test runs. It helps to simplify your testing, collaborate with your team and easily integrates with JIRA

Key Takeaway

Today test management is a critical process in developing software products, and keeping all testing activities organized requires a well-suited and robust tool.

If you are using JIRA for your project management then it quite easy to find a test management solution in  Atlassian marketplace. QA Touch -JIRA cloud app that integrates and easily blends with JIRA to make the entire testing process a breeze.This will make sure all your project activities are tracked and managed in one tool.

QA Touch cloud plugin for JIRA is straightforward and easy to set up and get the test management activities of a project visible inside JIRA for the entire project team.

Happy Testing. Take QA touch for a spin. It’s free.

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