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July 26, 2017

Quality always comes first. Trust may be good. But control is unbeatable. For top notch management and controlled testing process, here comes the QA Touch. An affordable  and collaborative Test Management Tool for Modern QA teams practicing Agile or Waterfall methods. Even a tiny hole in testing process will create a massive problem in project delivery. QA Touch streamline all these problems. QA Touch stands for Simple in work flow but effective in results .

Who needs QA Touch

Teams who are

  • Struggling with the excel sheets for test management with infinite data from period of time.
  • Unable to track the  progress  
  • Non-convincing metrics from  testing process presented  to the management.

How QA Touch works?


  • Hassle free cloud management for frequent release cycles
  • Life time free for 5 users with limited storage
  • Ease of Test suite management
  • In built Defect Tracker
  • Real time metrics with qualitative and quantitative data.
  • Email notification
  • Role based restriction
  • Responsive UI. Easy to access the tool from any device.

Features in Roadmap

  • Requirements Module
  • Requirements mapping- RTM
  • Automation Integration
  • Continuous Test Automation
  • Log analyzers

We are excited to help and support our users who need a Migration from traditional test management repository, integration with third party automation and bug tracking tools. We are Running a 30 days free trial and exciting discounts are available for users who supports our beta program.

Any questions / customizations, please write to us.

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