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Accelerate Quality delivery by Regression Testing

January 5, 2018
Regression Testing

Regression testing is a type of software testing which verifies that software which was previously developed and tested still performs the same way after it was changed or interfaced with other software.

Regression testing can be done manually or automation can be implemented. If the code changes frequently you should go for automated regression testing. In other cases,  if tests are executed rarely, manual regression can be done. But keep in mind regression testing manually consumes more human and time compared to automated regression testing.

Key areas where regression testing needs to be done after every release. For example, if we are executing regression testing in e-commerce website after a major release, there following functionalities need to be verified.

  • Checkout flow
  • Login functionality
  • Modules which prone to defects after every release.
  • Any third party integrations.

Automated regression testing saves a lot of turn around time between releases and provides an increased ROI, provided we recheck core module workflow alone.

Regression testing can be easily tracked by using QA Touch. Test Analysts can create a separate test run for manual regression test cases by selecting module wise test cases. Automated regression testing can be done by executing the automation scripts from selenium web-driver and results are captured in QA Touch by integrating your automation scripts with QA Touch test runs via API.

Are you looking out for a Test Management tool for streamlining your Regression Testing process. Take QA Touch for a spin, its free!!!

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