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Software Testing Progress Has Never Been This Easier

August 14, 2020
Software Testing Progress Has Never Been This Easier

While careful software testing is essential, how you communicate those endless efforts and its effectiveness is also primitive. That’s when the software testing report comes in, a document that eases communication and evens the flow of information. Usually, you can write a software testing report at the end of the test evaluation process. Absolute necessities like meeting the exit criteria and planned requirements are the foremost. Likewise, we will also discuss aspects of the software analysis report. So, buckle up and get ready to enjoy a blog full of knowledge, solutions, and learnings about software test reports.

What is Software Testing Report?

It is a formal document that records the data derived from the test executions, outlines the test operations, and describes the environments. At the same time, it thoroughly explains the results obtained and compares it to the set objectives in a very organized manner.

Why is a Software Test Report Important?

Practically speaking, it is predominantly vital for effective communication throughout the organization, stakeholders, and clients about the testing project and its progress. These recorded documents will help as a reference if the organization decides to take up a similar project in the future. Altogether, specific improvements can be made to elevate the software’s quality by fixing the errors and enhancing the test processes.

Necessary Aspects in Software Testing Report

Certain key aspects are a must in the report. A deliberate description of each element is as follows.

Executed Products and Intermediates

The report should include the critical information of the products tested. In the same way, the details of the untested products, along with their relevant reasons, should be made available. On glancing at this section, the respective stakeholders should understand the reasons for delays, difficulties, solutions, and possibly reschedule the things.
QA Touch

Test Environments

This section is about different software testing environments and features related to them. Shortly mention the attributes of the operating system installed, hardware, CPU, automation tool, or roles assigned on the test server.

Overview of Test Results

Separately mention the overview of each test level in this particular section. Note down the no of test scenarios executed and how many of them were successful, and unsuccessful in detail. Add if the tests have promptly met the requirements, as mentioned in the test plan earlier.

Error Definition

Include the error definition, error effects, and error correction activities of every failed test here. The following table will help you write one.


Error tests no Error definition  Errors affect  Error correction activities 
XYZ The authorized user isn’t able to log into the software. Vulnerabilities found while accessing the system. The respective developer viewed the issue for making significant changes.

Conclusions and Suggestions

This segment in the software testing report is more of a signoff while providing the necessary suggestions and wrapping up with a relevant and justifiable conclusion. The test experts are mostly non-judgmental and non-hesitant, asking for modifications and improvements to the project stakeholders.

What is Test Analysis Report in Software Testing?

It is a set of documents consisting of information about the test results, software capabilities, and inefficiencies. It becomes a strong base for assessing the next stages of development or testing. And it also helps in assigning the roles and responsibilities to correct those inefficiencies found in the software.

If you are wondering and virtually wandering everywhere to learn how to write a test analysis report, follow the steps below. The software test analysis report can vary from one organization to another. But a typical analysis report would include these below aspects for sure.


This concerned section gives the introduction of all the significant parts of the report. You can present a brief preview of the people involved and contributed their efforts to the analysis report. Furthermore, you can also mention the information about the clients who are responsible for the project.

Purpose Of Test Analysis Report


This section of the report takes back the reader to a time when, why, and who initiated it. With this segment, one can well understand the history of the undertaking of the ‘X’ project.

Purpose of Test Analysis Report

Present the purpose of the test analysis report in a short, clear, and concise fashion—nothing too heavy nor too little. For instance, the objective of the analysis report is to provide the findings discovered and collected while testing the nature of the ‘X’ software.


Generalize the restrictions on the reliability of the tools mentioned in the analysis. Tools like questionnaires, focus group protocols, and interview protocols are subject to certain limitations. Describes the threats involved if in case of any immense dependability on the tools listed above.


The most crucial aspect of the analysis report is specifying the questions to be addressed by different analysis methods. The original idea is, the more specific the questions are, the more prompt the answers will be.


Pen down the techniques and methods used in the analysis report—for example, surveys and observations. The detailed info of the techniques is one of the best practices of report writing.


Again it’s a small section addressing a set of people who participated in the analysis methods. For example, a survey would usually include different classes of people like students, trainers, experts, and so on.


Present copies of the tools used during the analysis report, such as photographs of the survey conducted, questionnaires, and reports.


Uncover the new findings in the result section. You can also use the graphical representation to support the discoveries found.


Make relevant suggestions that justify the findings from the above section. Initiate suggestions that aim to uplift the process and the project simultaneously with the high possible value-added to it.


Lastly, provide a short and straightforward overview of the analysis, in other words, quick to understand and ready to action type of a review.

Test Analysis Report Summary


There can be several sources for making an analysis report. Different methods would demand various sources of information. Sum up all those references and mention them all here.

This way, ease communication while developing and testing the software because for great ideas to be implemented would take a lot of understanding and a lot of talking. Besides, it is also essential to record and safeguard the discoveries and learning from developing and testing processes. For that matter, practice the reports mentioned above throughout. And also, do subscribe to our blog to find interesting solutions to help your innovative ideas to prevail.

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