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Why You Need Software Test Management Tool?

March 11, 2019

Plan, develop, test, assess and that’s how the software test management tool will be of help.

Right from the moment an idea is developed until the final product is launched into the market for customers to utilize, the journey is always full of hurdles in the backstage without even the end customer getting to know the hardships faced by developers.

Every company which builds softwares moves ahead to give nothing but the best user experience to whoever utilizes it. However, whatever may be the durability and compatibility of the software, it needs to go through various tests, again and again, to ascertain everything is done the right way.

Software Test Management Tool

It is the one you’d be needing, to test and assess, to take note of the mistakes and rectify, to check what works and what doesn’t, to finetune and refine things. One of the primary purposes of test management is to allow the developers and designers to identify and assess the bugs that are part of the readied software. Not just them, those who will be handling records of software in the future will also be given the access to debug the faults present.

A tool like this comes packed with some stellar features which can manage the status and quality of the product.

Back then, excel sheets were the go-to thing whenever a software needs to be tried and tested. But as one may know, maintenance of excel sheets is not an easy task and requires time and energy to fill in details very often during the testing period. As the whole world is progressing towards making life simpler by integrating technology into our lives, testing software too is straightforward and seamless. All thanks to the intervention of Software Test Management Tools, using which can save time, check quality, improves accuracy, enhance test coverage and lots more.

Read on to know the intuitive features Software Test Management Tools can help developers and testers with:

Centralized Repository

One stop place to store all the test documentations and reports.

During the testing, there will be lot of things happening to and fro. Sometimes there will be a need to look back in order to ascertain how things had been going along, and Centralized Repository saves everything in the cloud which can be accessed by the team at any given time.

Whoever, the access restrictions to this repository can be managed by giving access to individual users who are working in that particular project alone.

Saves Time

Saves your time to a large extent.

Time remains the same, but the tasks are always rising along with your business. At a point, it becomes a priority to invest our time in things which matter the most. The same time, this cannot be put in the backburner. But with the help of Software Test Management Tool, things now are much more straightforward than earlier. From detecting bugs to immediate test scenarios, all it takes now is a little bit of time to assess the software.

Requirements Mapping and Traceability Matrix

Work based on requirements.

With Software Test Management Tool, it becomes simple to map and find out which areas in software testing need intervention. Rather than manually introspecting each sector in the software to see if there is anything not right with it, features come powerfully loaded to map the requirement traceability automatically. This makes it useful in configuring and catering to the actual requirements.

AI Implementation

Learns with you. Knows of you.

In the process to make Software Test Management Tool simpler and better, there are sites such as QA Touch which come preloaded with AI Implementation.

With innovative features like this taking software testing to greater heights, the whole process is on a route to transform the times of how testing is being done.

Role Based Access

Decide who needs to view what.

Usually, in a company, there would be many people working in different domains and multiple people working hard to set the software right. Say, there are certain things which the designer doesn’t need to know.

With Role Based Access, the team lead can assign real-time access to only respective people working and can hide unnecessary distractions from those to whom they mean nothing. However, the Team Lead gets exclusive access to everything which is being done for software testing.

Quick Identification of Bugs

Rectification possible in the early stages.

Usually, in the process of software development, there ought to be times where the software might be creaky and does not live up to the expectations. Delving a bit into to find out the reason behind might show a report that a bug causes the error.

With Software Test Management Tool, bug identification can be immediately made in a quicker time thus giving an appropriate amount of time to debug and make it fully functional again. But with excel sheet integration, it makes a shell load to fix a bug.

Insightful Reports

In the process of building software from scratch, there are so many people from various specializations who put their work together to develop. Software Test Management Tool delivers reports which are vast and insightful, so the team lead, and others can access the workflow happening in each sector.

Insightful Reports also help the lead to let others be updated on what areas needs to be focussed, what areas need to be made changes to and what areas are entirely alright. In simple words, this can be called as a tracker in need.

Secure Testing Data

The times we live in make it difficult for anything to be stored online. With headlines of data breach coming across very often making everyone baffled, but there is still hope left where the data we use for testing can be safeguarded with Software Test Management Tool.

All the data gets stored safely and can be accessed whenever needed by those who are given access to and by those who are involved in the development process only.

Final Thoughts

On the whole, it does not matter if the software you are building is a grand one or a modest model, every software needs to go through a phase of testing and trying before hitting the markets.

We all know how fatal it could cause, if a bug is not detected or what if a small error occurs. Now, this can be changed.

From collecting requirements, designing test cases, to getting test execution reports and real time reports, acquiring data and informing other team members about progress, delivering metrics which would help the team lead and many more features –  are loaded in this powerful mechanism called Software Test Management Tool.

In this era of digital automation, it is time you take the plunge towards using Software Test Management Tools to refine and redefine the testing ways.

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