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Reusable Test Cases for Saving Time and Money

October 29, 2021

Resuable Test Cases. Yes! It doesn’t feel bad to write some new bunch of test cases again for another project. No matter how one feels so excited about the new project, it still is an issue. And you are not alone in this strange situation. We all are silently looking for solutions to bring about a change that would perhaps change things for the betterment of testing and the team. It’s time now to address the elephant in the room.

You heard us right, no more starting from scratch and if you are hearing this for the first time remember this name again, Reusable Test cases. You are now saved from wasting a lot of effort and your precious time. These reusable test cases can be used several times in multiple different projects with ease. So, without further ado let’s get started with the why, what, and what of the Reusable Test Cases in Software Testing.

Definition of Reusable Test Cases in Software Testing

It’s that tool to encourage or boost the re-usability and maintenance in your Test Management by significantly lowering the repetitive tasks in your projects. Because at times, there come Testing situations where there may require certain Test steps, pre and post actions, and test cases that are mostly similar. Making it look like a tedious job.

The Core Advantages Of Reusable Test Cases

1. Fast-paced development cycle:

When you implement the reusable test cases in the project you can see a significant difference for sure. For instance, you’ll have very few test cases to write because of which you can save a reasonable amount of time and massive energy. And everything ultimately leads towards a quick development cycle.
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2. Save Your Budget:

In case there are any feature changes in the projects and you are already approaching the usable Test case way, you’ll be needing to make changes only in one test case rather than disturbing or manually updating the different test cases in several projects. All of the above actions show a great impact on your budget which is only possible by lowering the Test Case maintenance expenditure in the early stage.

3. Effective for sure:

When you write test cases you write it for a specific feature of the product, not for the entire project. And it’s well and obvious that the same feature may be seen in another project and in that case you’ll be having a robust feature-focused test case ready in your hands and good to go! When a test is feature-centric it works super effectively.

How To Use the Reusable Test Cases

Now as a Tester there are several ways you can reuse the Test Cases in terms of saving time and also making it simple to maintain the data in the future as well. We have covered a few good options for you below.

  • Calling Test Cases: It can be also called ‘Share Steps’ or ‘Embedded Tests’ meaning that one can reuse the existing test cases within one another.
  • Copying Test Steps: Well, it’s more like a one-time copy-paste of the required test steps.
    With this, you can simply copy steps into the same Test case or another and all within the same project.
  • Moving Test Cases: This is more like a cut or pastes or drag & drop the required test cases or the entire folder of test cases in the same project.
  • Sharing Test Cases: Nowhere, one can manage and maintain a centralized repository for the Test cases in the Test Design module of the project and then create Test Runs in the Test Execution module of another project.

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Final Thoughts:

Every story of a Tester begins with a Test case. But why stay at the doorstep that long when you can quickly work? Yeah, it’s totally understood that it takes too much work to write, manage and maintain test cases. Well, practicing such small steps of reusability helps you work smarter and faster as a Tester and it’s commonly been expected out of you and your job. Even if you could save like 20% of your effort and time for your clients it still is a big deal! The Reusable Test Cases are a great way, to begin with. An easy and happy Test Management comes a long way and helps you get super productive at testing.

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